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PCXS2 - "DVD Player not setup" - cannot play 1 specific PS2 game

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Anyone know why this is happening? it's only happening to one of my PS2 games. All of my PS2 games are .iso files and they all work fine, except for this one. If it matters, it's Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

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Maybe it's a bad copy/iso for that game? You could try downloading from another source, or if you ripped it yourself maybe try re-ripping it.  FYI, I just tried my .iso of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon in PCXS2 (v1.5.0-dev-3112 is the version I'm currently running) and it loaded/played fine for me. 

Another thing to try is to try launching the game from withing PCSX2 directly, just to see if it would launch ok from there?  If it does, then maybe it's a file name/association thing for that one rom in LB/BB that's the issue and not the game/iso itself.

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