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  1. For NES, I have nestopia_libretro. Next to SNES, I have snes9x_libretro Retroarch, build date: Feb 3 2019 Git version: 9750719074
  2. I'm on Windows 10. I will check what core I am using and what version of Retroarch. To find the core, I just start the game, access the Retroarch start menu then it will show me? I can't remember which one I picked but I'll check when I get home. Thank you.
  3. Jason said on the stream today (he's still streaming btw) that this is a current feature. He said it's a plug-in and also there's a way to press a button to "spin the wheel" and it will land on a game. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
  4. Hello, I visited the thread and checked, it looks like it's set up in Retroarch. My SNES games are full screen when I launch them.
  5. The list says pause screens should work in Retroarch. I've tried with SNES and NES games. Nothing happens when I press my pre-made pause buttons. I tested with Mame in Aero Fighter 2, worked perfectly. Is there something special I need to do with retroarch?
  6. Anyone know why this is happening? it's only happening to one of my PS2 games. All of my PS2 games are .iso files and they all work fine, except for this one. If it matters, it's Mortal Kombat Armageddon.
  7. So I have playlists set up for each of my consoles now. Its easy to select a platform then choose the multiplayer playlist, which is my goal. Can a playlist be generated that includes ALL multiplayer or co-op games, across ALL of my systems? Instead of it being on a console by console basis. I tried to make a new playlist. I went into Auto-Populate. Set Field to Playmode, Comparison to "Is equal to," and in value wrote "co-op." That's probably wrong, it didn't auto populate. Edit: Thanks Retro808, works great!
  8. Do I have to do anything special to play 2 player? Both controllers are on (wireless 360 controllers), work in other Retroarch roms fine, Steam games, etc.|| I've tried Popeye and 1942, but I don't see how to make them 2 player. Most likely due to unfamiliarity with Commodore's interface, do you know what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Hello, I don't see the VICE x64 in the C64 Dreams > Retroarch folder. See screenshot below:
  10. You really helped me out, especially because, I'm new to this and I could not get Commodore 64 games to play properly no matter what. But you got everything pre-packaged perfectly! I'm going to work on importing your stuff into my library and I'm good to go.
  11. Just wondering. I wanted to make a custom one for myself.
  12. I'll try that, thank you!
  13. Oh I see. How about this, so currently my Big Box boots up right away to Platforms. Is it possible to choose what Big Box loads up to initially on startup? Can I make it boot up to Playlists, instead of Platforms?
  14. Sorry to bump this, but it definitely seems to have happened for all of my Steam games. It's like they weren't scraped properly. I have 100's of Steam games and many are missing box art or movies. Not all, but 90% of them. So I can click "Edit" on a Steam game, then kind of make it look for Meta data all over again, and for some reason, it's finding new stuff for EVERY game I try this on. So it's as if, it didn't really check for most of my games when I imported them all. I can certainly click through and edit these games individually. But is there a way to make Launchbox kind of search/get the meta data again, and then get the art and movies, automatically? I'm not sure why it didn't do it on import, but clearly the data is there when I go to edit games individually.
  15. I am having issues making playlists the way I want them. Basically what I want is this: -Start Big Box -Taken to my list of platforms as normal -Scrolling left and right through my platforms, I want an option for Playlists -Within Playlists will be a selection for custom playlists and auto-generated playlists -Clicking custom I will see just playlists I have made. I want to then press Back and go back to see Custom Playlists and Auto-generated playlists -Clicking on Auto playlists will show me the playlists Launchbox created I tried making a Platform called "Playlists," but it didn't appear in my list of platforms with my SNES, PXE, Sega Genesis, etc. Currently, the only way I can get to playlists, is to start Big Box, then i have to press Back, so I get to the text menu, then I have to go down on the menu where it says Playlists. By the "text menu" I mean where the different options all appear on the left of the screen, with options, etc. I'm trying to avoid this menu completely, I want to be able to access playlists, completely within Big Box without having to press Back. I do everything within Big Box, I don't want to use the Desktop interface at all for playing. Does this make sense?
  16. Thanks for doing this. I'd like to request "Barbie" for Commodore 64. My older siblings played this before I was born and they have fond memories of it. I'd really like to surprise them and have this game running for them.
  17. Okay, I got a different Commodore rom set. I originally had one that said Commodore 64 (PP) but those were .NIB files so now I have a set called Commodore 64 (Tapes) and they are .TAP files. I have the same problem as before, Commodore just opens up to the blue screen and no games start. I have -quickload -autoload written in the settings for hoxs64. I have tried multiple Commodore 64 games. What else should I try? Edit: So I tried the same file in retroarch. It actually gets beyond the purple screen. And it opens up in full screen. I tried to play a 007 game. It opened up, and a saw a bunch of horizontal lines and flashing colors. So I guess it still didn't work. Zombeaver, is this why you made your curated collection of C64 games, because most of these just don't work? I will follow your configuration and instructions if that's the case because this seems pretty hopeless at this point.
  18. I just finished with Sentai brads tutorial and was wondering why it wasn't working. Now knowing that .NIB are basically useless, ugh, wasted a lot of time... Is there an updated/better tutorial? Edit: I am trying again now, just with the Tapes instead of the (PP) romset.
  19. My controllers works fine in all my emulators but in multiple games using epsxe, the 2nd controller doesn't do anything. I went to Config -> Gamepads -> Port 2 and clicked "Pad 1" (the only option that isn't greyed out.) See below screenshot- it's an Xbox 360 controller, so it should just work, right? I can try switching to Retroarch if that works better. Edit: I fixed this by going to a previous version of epsxe, version 2.0. I guess the latest version is just messed up.
  20. I have retroarch and can load an n64 rom when I start it, and it works fine. In LB, when I click a game and click play, nothing happens. What should I try to do? sorry, found it, please delete, i didnt download all the cores i needed it looked like. thought i did cause games played in RA
  21. Thank you, this works for Launchbox and Bigbox as well?
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