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MAME Platform Category Issue

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Hey guys,

I am new to LaunchBox and have been following ETA Prime's videos to set up everything. All has gone well so far and I have a MAME Arcade ROM set and a SNES ROM set loaded.

I searched the forums but could not find a post that addresses this issue I am having. Please help!

The Arcade option, the category list simply does not work - well there are categories but when you select one no games are shown. This is unique to the MAME Arcade games, it works perfectly well for SNES. See screenshot as attached, "No results were found" I also note that there is no option to "auto generate child list" when you right click on Arcade (second screenshot) however this option is available on consoles.

What am I doing wrong? I don't understand, there is a list of categories but not one of them lists any games. 😢




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Posted (edited)

Likely a platform naming issue (sometimes confusion on "Arcade" and "MAME").  Easy way to check is take one of your playlists, say 2-player, edit the playlist. Go to last tab. Do you see "MAME(Platform)" or "Arcade (Platform)"? 


image.thumb.png.5da5da581104d166a7468824ee5b298b.pngThen click on the Auto-Populate tab and see what the Platform field is comparing to in the Value field (typically either MAME or Arcade).  Basically, the two should match. So for example is above is MAME and your playlist below says "Arcade" try changing to MAME and see if works.  If does, then can fix in mass on next step.


If it is MAME like mine above then you then at this step you need to use MAME rather than Arcade as your platform. Basically what you pick here should match your name for your platform used for arcade games (not to be confused with category arcade):

image.thumb.png.d39963bc87c0097c54b95d2d070e1183.pngAlso make sure when importing you point to the correct ROM directory for MAME.  I assume you "Arcade" list shows the games, just not the subset categories.  If above isn't fix then screenshots of these screens two will be helpful. 




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