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Suicide? There is Hope!...

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In light of the recent news of a famous gaming youtuber (Desmond Daniel Amofah, aka Etika), who seems to have recently commited suicide, I just want to start this thread to open up a channel for anyone who may need a little help.

Please feel free to talk here, or if you are wanting help more privatley we could arrange something.

I am someone myself who has and does struggle with mental health and suicidal tendancies have certainly been a reality to me.

Please know though my friends that there is hope..... you do not have to fight this alone and there are people who truly care about your life.

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Don't have too much to add here, but I myself have an anxiety disorder, and surprising me very much as I moved into adult hood, the more people I got to know, the more I realized many people suffer with mental health issues, and this type of conversation doesn't happen enough. I found this out about my friends and family slowly over the course of my lifetime because people don't talk about it. I went through my teen years thinking I was the only one, because no one wanted to talk about it. The stigma about it is real.

So if you feel like you're suffering alone, you're most likely not, and you certainly don't have to.




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