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Hi everyone, I have a couple beastly desktop systems but am looking to add a new smart tv in a bedroom and want to be able to do internet work, play games, but the wife is going to send me to the guillotine if I build a full desktop to run off of it. I have been looking into the Raspberry Pi and other small form factor options that will allow me to run a PC off the smart tv but am unsure of what it can do, what it will cost, or even where to buy one locally, if possible. I don't like buying things online whenever I have a choice.

My requirements are:

- Need full mouse/keyboard internet functionality.

- Need to be able to run emulators and support a gamepad.

- HDMI port to plug into smart tv.

- Affordable.

I understand Windows compatibility may not be supported although it is preferred. I also understand playing PC games like Fallout 3 likely require a full desktop with GPU, etc. I am just trying to get your feedback to see what exactly these options are capable of. If I have to build another desktop and deal with my wife, so be it. Lol.


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I moved this to Off Topic > Emulation since that is where this type of stuff belongs.

You gave a bunch of requirements but you didn't give the 2 most important ones.

What systems do you want to be able to emulate ?
What is your budget ? You said "affordable" but that can mean a lot if different prices for a lot of different people.

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