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Is There a Better Way (For Scraping)?

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LaunchBox fan here that just bought Big Box a while back and love it! Using that and ES at present. I'm trying to come up with a better way to save time when organizing my media for my rom sets. So far, my current process is a bit time consuming, but if it's the only/best way, then I'm OK with that. But before I devote too much more time with it, I want to first make sure there isn't a better way that could save time and yield better results.

Let's take my NES collection for example. I have about 764 ROMs curated from a no-intro set that represents the perfect (in my opinion) US retail collection. I'm in a desktop environment, so I have been using the latest beta build of SkraperUI. It pulls everything from the Screen Scraper database. My results have been decent thus far. I find everything within about 5-6 games that are missing. So I have to find those manually. No big deal. But videos are a little more challenging, and usually take a little more time. THEN I notice that some of the regions are not right. For instance, I might end up with a PAL cover or European cart design, instead of only English/US region (like I have it set).

Having to check all these for over 700+ games for just one collection (then multiply that by over 10-20 other sets I'd have to do this for), I'm in for quite the tedious amount of checking and tweaking to get the media just right.

My question is as stated above; is there a better way? Is there another database or program I can use that will yield better or more accurate results, without as much need to curate on my end after the fact? Should I build a pie and let the LaunchBox or other pie scrapers that are popular right now do it instead (I heard they are pretty hardcore). Or is this a pretty good representation of what anyone should expect when scraping this much media, and am I only getting pretty much as good as I'm going to get?

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