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Taito Type X Monitor Issues


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I have almost gotten Taito Type X games to work alongside the rest of my Launchbox library but have been having some display issues. I have Big Box set up to play on my tv as a second monitor which has worked fine so far, but for the life of me I cannot seem to get any Type X games to start in the second monitor, or even manually move them over. I've tried switching via Dual Monitor Tools and trying to set up Borderless Gaming to move it over and neither has had any success. I was wondering if maybe there was a way to force it to open in the second monitor via the command line or if there's some other way I overlooked. Much thanks !

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2 hours ago, JoeViking245 said:

I'm not personally familiar with Type X games, but setting things up with dual monitors typically has a lot to do with the emulator itself.  Not knowing which emulator you're using, have you tried different emulators?

Well the thing is it doesn't really run through an emulator in the traditional sense. As far as I can tell since the Type X is based on Windows the games run sorta more like a PC game, which is why I figured maybe there was a way to just force it to open on another monitor. Launchbox is really only launching an batch file to run the game it doesn't go through another emulator like with most platforms.

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Can you show us the batch file?

I've used a program call Monitor Profile Switcher (free, my favorite price) which works really well.  But all it actually does is set up which monitor is primary, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. via different profiles you create.  It can't "send" a program to a specific monitor (I don't think).  Regardless, I would think you Windows app/game/whatever if nothing else, would/should default to the primary monitor.

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