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I am getting ready to mod my first A1U cabinet and wanted to see who else has done this and had some questions about what is necessary and what is not.

- I have a new controller set but frankly don't have a problem with the controls and am debating whether led buttons will be too bright and look out of place. I don't recall original cabinets having lit buttons except for games like Tron. I am thinking about leaving the buttons and joysticks stock and getting a lit marquee instead. Couldn't I just use the original controls with new encoders?

- Is drilling a couple new buttons in really necessary? Couldn't I remap a couple other buttons to take care of coin or select functions? I have the MK II cabinet which has two punch, two kick, block, and a run button for Ultimate MK 3. I was thinking using the run buttons as the two extra buttons ETA said need to be drilled. I am thinking maybe the reason people are drilling more buttons with Retropie is because they plan to emulate consoles that require shoulder buttons, etc. I am only going classic arcade.

Any insight would be much appreciated. I don't want to mod more than I have to. These cabinets are fine as is for me. I actually think the controls have been updated with better stuff because the controller kit I got seems identical in quality to what's already there.

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It is up to you, it's your cabinet. ?  Looking back, i regret doing the LED buttons, but they were cheap and still better than the stock buttons on the SF2 cab.  There are ways to use the vol and power switches as buttons, but i went the route of just widening the hole for the switches just enough to put in a smaller button.  you could always map other buttons but it is nice to have a dedicated button.  

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I agree. ETA's recommendation for the Sanwa style LED kit may have been solid at the time as he does things very early, but now it is not the best option. Spend $40 for the cheap Sanwa kit or spend $45 for a genuine HAPP set from Tornado Terry's. I had two coin buttons on the lower angled panel, but these will be reallocated to UI Select and UI Cancel buttons once I put a coin door in. Lots of creative modders out there. I had no idea you could order a usb port that drops into a button hole. No more opening up the back to plug in spare keyboard/mouse every time I need to do something. But for me a Rii mini keyboard will be the best option.

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