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  1. Being able to have multiple manuals like RL is the one feature i have been waiting on since pause menu was added. hint hint. 🙃
  2. If i recall, Retrohumanoids's Unified Refried was coded for video marquees for arcade. He even included 4-5 with the theme. Edit: Sorry, i see these are intended for a 2nd marquee monitor. (RH's theme supports vid marquee in arcade platform as part of the cab art)
  3. very nice. is there a reason you went with a faded/distorted box art on 2600 versus normal box art on the other systems?
    Only tried with one theme (Refried) and works great. Awesome job! Nice to see a long requested feature make its way in (even if a plugin). Things like this are what make Launchbox and its community great.
  4. take care of yourself and family. love your work.
  5. very cool. what software are you using for the tablet to be used as a monitor?
  6. LB would not open to grab the beta 9 update (from Beta 😎 if i d elete the 7-Zip folder or the contents of it. Leaving the folder and files intact allows LB to open and update. I remember reading about an issue with 7zip but not sure if mine updated with beta 9. My x64 folder shows modified today, but none of the files in the folder show modified today. Log attached for the crashes. Debug 2020-05-12 02-04-38 PM.log
  7. its been a while and i dont remember if it was LB/BB related or a different program. just remember having the issue and found that as a workaround to get the mouse back. Havent been able to do much testing on the new betas.
  8. I know it doesnt fix the bug but you shouldnt have to do a full restart. if you have your windows search enabled, press the windows key and type "mouse" to get into your mouse settings, use your tab and arrow keys to change the size or cursor color temporarily, should bring the cursor back. I had this issue before and found this beats a full restart. Hope it can work for you.
  9. @Jason Carr tested 2-3 games. with dip switches get the "dips tampered" in the log. just resetting them back to default without deleting cfg works and allowed score to be uploaded. seems to be working as planned.
  10. will that show in the debug log? If settings were changed prior, can we reset the switches and have scores uploaded? Not sure if you can/will answer how it works, but is it reading the cfg file for mentions of dip switches? it looks like more than just the dip switch settings are saved in the cfg files.
  11. Does this mean if people don't/can't update they can essentially cheat the system?
  12. The other option, while launchbox/big box is closed. Move the system platform.xml (example Arcade.xml) out of the Data/Platforms folder. Next time LB/BB opens, the system will not be there. Once you have a banner or want the system back, just put the .xml back in the Data folder. When moving .xml files in/out of the Data folder, always make sure LB is not running.
  13. This sucks but is understandable. I game more on my pc but bought the Android version on release because of the quality of windows version in hopes of using it on my ShieldTV. Now that Android is gone, people will be wanting a Linux version instead. Lol Long live LB for Windows!
  14. Ok, good luck. Not sure if you need to though, starting to think it was an issue on my end, since no one else has reported any issues. I reinstalled the theme and made the necessary modifications. Everything seems to be good now. Like i mentioned, i even got it working with Colorful without any issues.
  15. Yes, kind of there was the original plugin that enabled a hi score pop up for BB and required editing the xaml files. Then there was the newer version that added functionality to LB. I see the local score option in other themes but unless i edit the xaml, the pop doesnt show for the local high scores. The hi scores introduced in the beta work fine.
  16. i thought it odd that rolling back caused errors too, but everything is where it should be. The hi score plugin is in the plugins folder. @Jason CarrI think you can ignore those errors. I found a difference in the 2 plugin folders between my cab and laptop. I reinstalled the refried theme fresh and made the needed changes and all is good running on beta 9. even modified the Colorful theme to show my local hi scores. sorry.
  17. I sent just the views. I am working on zipping all but the media. My cab is running beta 8 and the original plugin works fine with the pop up. the pop up in BB works. same theme on my laptop on beta 9 throws all those errors. i even rolled back to beta 8 and get the errors now.
  18. When the plugin was originally released, you had to add a couple of lines to one of the views xml to get hi score popup to show in BB, not even sure they were needed anymore. It has worked just fine until whatever was done in beta 9. The theme is just over 1gb. how do you want me to send it?
  19. @Jason Carr Getting crashes on the Beta 9. Default Big Box theme doesnt give the error, but Unified Refried and Memories of Yesterday themes crash when cycling views. Got these 3. My Refried theme has the code from the original Hi Score plug in added, not sure if that is causing it. The original plugin allowed local hi scores to be shown for the top 3-5 scores, does the new addition override this?
  20. Thanks for all the info. Your other posts helped me get vpx running in lb in the first place. Might take a stab at it this weekend. But yeah, I get the don't pause mid roll, but sometimes the boss needs you now, and it's always on a good ball. Lol. I have little experience with joy2key. Use it with fx2 &fx3 for more functionality. I kind of like having the single key for pause and exit. Makes it easier for rest of family to use.
  21. yeah, i know. Esc is kind of a pause. You can even disable Esc and use Q to sort of pause, then either Q again to quit the table or R to resume. Might look into using Joy2Key to see if i can get something working. was hoping someone maybe had a better solution using just LB/BB. Most probably dont use BB/LB for pinball, but its what i have right now. 1 cab to rule them all until i can do a proper VPin, then will probably go full Pinup Popper for it.
  22. honestly, not 100% sure. my gut says no. i think my issue may be the default BB/LB controls. i dont use the combo for those features. Button brings up the pause menu just fine and pauses just about all emulators, but those allow you to redefine the pause key if necessary. Since Esc is the default VPX pause key, i think that is why it isnt working since LB uses that as the default exit, correct?
  23. @JoeViking245 curious if you have preferred setting for the pause and exit. I have a single button setup for pause and a single for exit on my arcade cab. When i pause, the pause screen shows, but the table is still running. tried the suspend emulator when paused but that didnt seem to work right.
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