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  1. Thank you for the Google family feature. You rock! So glad I found launchbox a couple years ago.
  2. @Jason Carr Curious, will the android app be tied to one google account or will it have the "family share" feature?
  3. Check the Refried/Images/Theme/Addons/_Consoles folder. I believe those are the images you are looking for. RH has MSU-1 platform named as SNES CD. You can either rename your platform to match (may need to manually move your media into the new platform), or the easier thing is to go into the _Consoles folder and rename his SNESCD folder to match the name of your Platform.
  4. Awesome right up. Some day i will get to building a vpincab. Completely understand the different versions. I toyed with setting up Future Pinball and it's amazing how many different versions of tables there can be! Until you play it and get the "feel" it's hard to tell which is the better version or at least the one closest to what you may remember playing.
    Thank you. Works perfectly. May want to add that the .dll needs to be unblocked to the instructions/description. (at least i needed to)
  5. Try this (make a backup of the file first). Open the ThemeSettings.xml file located in Themes/Unified Refried while Big Box is closed. Go to the last few lines and change : Force16X9AspectRatio>True</Force16X9AspectRatio> to Force16X9AspectRatio>False</Force16X9AspectRatio>. Save your change and open Big Box. There may be a little bit of the bars but should look better. If that doesnt work, change the 16x9 to False and change the next line <Force4X3AspectRatio>False</Force4X3AspectRatio to <Force4X3AspectRatio>True</Force4X3AspectRatio. One my modded arcade1up, just swapping the 16X9 to False and 4X3 to True worked. But on my laptop with a standard 4:3 monitor i had to make both lines False to get Big Box to display right.
  6. Rh has the refried platform videos that are loaded to the launchbox forums. Takes care of just about everything you need.
  7. ed20910

    Poll Results

    As far as Retro achievements, for me, not a lot of interest in it. I can see them in the RA menu and in BB and LB. Since RA gives you a message on achieving, i am not sure what else people would want. I would love to see custom images per platform. Something like Rocket Launcher (sorry) if at all possible. If LB/BB doesn't see a game specific image, you can have a default platform image to fall back on. This would allow people to set up either say a default controller with general system controls or go game with a game specific one. Being able to see these in the pause menu would be nice. Would be nicer if we had a controller image options for consoles/handhelds/pinball similar to the Arcade controls.
  8. great to hear you are settled. hope all is well. sucks about the hard drive. was looking forward to what you had come up with.
  9. @Jason CarrSo far so good. Have tested with Mame, Retroarch (stella core), Dolphin, and Demul. Can confirm pause screens do not play nicely with rocket launcher. I figured they wouldn't since the startup/shutdown screens did not, but tested anyway. Observations, all using Big Box: MAME with arcade rom-pause loads fine but when unpaused, there is a 2-5 second time where you can see the MAME window trying to reload. Game loads fine after this delay but takes away from the "immersion" MAME with intellivision rom-delay that is there with an arcade rom is almost unnoticeable. maybe half second delay of seeing the MAME window in the background. game returns to normal Demul-running Atomiswave-launched game in full screen mode, pause works but when unpaused, game goes to windowed mode instead of back to full screen Dolphin-no issues Retroarch-no issues I did run into issues that after using the pause menu a few times, it would require me to shut BB down to get the pause key to work again. once i had to reboot the whole pc.
  10. If my kids ever leave, maybe I can have a game or computer room. Lol Great that you get both. Looking good. Hope all is going well.
  11. keyboard seems to works fine. can cause crash with either joystick with generic usb encoder or xbox 360 controller.
  12. @RetroHumanoid if it's been fixed and I missed it, I apologize. For wii u, view 3 I think (non fading clear logo view), system logo is the switch and not the wii u. Fixed the reference in my xaml and it loads the right one now, but wanted to report it if it hasn't been mentioned. I also noticed a red ) (instead of the light blue) at the bottom of the Weel2GamesView for Wii U where the release year for the game is. Updated post with fixes. (sorry, i am don't know how to paste the code with the colors from notepad++) For anyone wanting to edit on their own Line 157 of Wheel3GamesView, Nintendo Wii-U <Image x:Name="VideoBlackScreenImage" Grid.ColumnSpan="7" Grid.RowSpan="8" Source="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Unified Refried/Images/Theme/Addons/_Consoles/Nintendo Switch/_VideoBlackScreen.png" Opacity="100" Panel.ZIndex="1" Stretch="Fill" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" /> Change Nintendo Switch to Nintendo Wii U To fix the red ) Line 261 of Weel2GamesView for Wii U <TextBlock Text=")" FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" FontSize="50" Foreground="Red" DockPanel.Dock="Left" TextAlignment="Left" change "red" to "Cyan" and good to go.
  13. @Jason Carr Weird bug in 9.6 official. While in the theme manager, if I press down on joystick while on the credits tab of a theme, big box crashes. I see a reference to music but I even turned off the music options (even though I don't have any) and get same crash. I am able to scroll down through the views without any issue. Just seems to be the credits tab.
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