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  1. Thanks for all the info. Your other posts helped me get vpx running in lb in the first place. Might take a stab at it this weekend. But yeah, I get the don't pause mid roll, but sometimes the boss needs you now, and it's always on a good ball. Lol. I have little experience with joy2key. Use it with fx2 &fx3 for more functionality. I kind of like having the single key for pause and exit. Makes it easier for rest of family to use.
  2. yeah, i know. Esc is kind of a pause. You can even disable Esc and use Q to sort of pause, then either Q again to quit the table or R to resume. Might look into using Joy2Key to see if i can get something working. was hoping someone maybe had a better solution using just LB/BB. Most probably dont use BB/LB for pinball, but its what i have right now. 1 cab to rule them all until i can do a proper VPin, then will probably go full Pinup Popper for it.
  3. honestly, not 100% sure. my gut says no. i think my issue may be the default BB/LB controls. i dont use the combo for those features. Button brings up the pause menu just fine and pauses just about all emulators, but those allow you to redefine the pause key if necessary. Since Esc is the default VPX pause key, i think that is why it isnt working since LB uses that as the default exit, correct?
  4. @JoeViking245 curious if you have preferred setting for the pause and exit. I have a single button setup for pause and a single for exit on my arcade cab. When i pause, the pause screen shows, but the table is still running. tried the suspend emulator when paused but that didnt seem to work right.
  5. @Jason Carr getting LB crash on latest beta when selecting an arcade game. Pretty sure it is due to my internet being down and LB cannot access the hi scores. When I turn off the download scores, no crash. I know the feature can't be used without connectivity. Not sure if way to warn a person LBDB can't be connected to and they need to turn off the feature.
  6. I'm not sure what happened either, it's the only one that has done this. I would like to think my issue had something to do with the Mame reset. The next game had no mario. I had to exit the game and restart. The current hi score on the machine is the 26k. If iwe can't read nvram, that is going to limit the number of games. Is there any way to "erase" a high score from lbdb on your end? If so, delete my Donkey Kong entry.
  7. I think the hi scores are adding together or something else is going on. My original Donkey Kong score was around 22-23k, i beat it with a new score of 26K. Now it shows a hi of 51k but not with the right initials. I did fat finger the MAME reset key and wiped out the original hi score before the new one was created. Would be nice if there was an option for a user to clear a high score from LBDB.
  8. That was the only one I saw with an issue. I went through my games that had hi scores, ran them once and all scores showed properly, except dig dug. The one game I use an autosave for, depthcharge, even shows correctly.
  9. @Jason Carr nvram is being read now,but may have an issue. Dig dug was not showing my hi score prior to the betas. I ran the game and exited. A score is now showing, but good look beating 4million that shows. Lol. The actual score should be 46,310. Something is not reading quite right.
  10. Very excited for this feature and will definitely be testing this one to the fullest. The new price for premium LB might be a little high for some people, but this is why i recommend it to everyone i know. Constant development and updates, great community. Features you didnt think you needed but are glad they are there. Keep up the good work Jason.
  11. Ok, sad that people cheat for hi score and bragging rights, but it will happen. Curious if you will "reset" the LBDB high scores after the betas are up to start fresh with the official version?
  12. I dont think i pulls scores prior to ones from today's beta update. quite a few of my games have hi scores. The only one that shows any results are the one i did real quick to test and Mario which SonicFan mentioned he had a high score in..
  13. maybe i need to reinstall the plugin or go look at it again. might be a big box thing, but i remember i had to modify the BB theme for hi scores to show in big box, and i though LB themes had to be modified.
  14. thanks. yeah, i have had the Hi score plugin enable for a while now. will this still work if we have not updated a theme for it? not even sure if still necessary. On the multiple PC issue, can two pcs connect to the database at the same time? I assume only the highest score would be pulled? i have an arcade cab and a laptop that i do most of my testing on. until today, i dont think i have logged either into the database.
  15. High scores, very cool feature, hopefully it doesnt get abused. How will this work with multiple pcs with LB? Also will this pull scores just from the "hi" folder in MAME and only scores updated after the LB update or will it pull previous high scores? I dont think all games save to hi folder but still record hi scores.
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