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  1. ed20910

    Unified Refried 2.0

    My bad @RetroHumanoid, i knew something had to be renamed (had to fix my NES black box).
  2. ed20910

    Unified Refried 2.0

    Look in the addons folder. The video border is not actually named Game and Watch. You need to rename the actual folder.
  3. ed20910

    Unified Refried 2.0

    you can either put them in your Launchbox/Videos folder (they would overwrite any vids you have there), or Launchbox/Themes/Unified Refried/Videos folder. I would do the second as they are specifically made to go with the Refried theme. Edit: if you leave the videos in the platforms and playlist folders RH has them in, you can drop those folders into the above video folders. If you dont, you would need to put them into the Platform and Playlist folders as mentioned below.
  4. ed20910

    Bigbox 2 Judgement

    you are to start up videos what retrohumanoid is to media. WAAAYYYY too much time on your hands. 😉 Love the videos, i have a lot of yours on my cab and get a new one almost every time it turns on. Keep up the great work.
  5. ed20910

    Unified Refried 2.0

    do you have the refried platform videos?
  6. ed20910

    Unified Refried 2.0

    1. change your 3D image priority in LB. Either uncheck 3D box, or move Box front to the top of the list. 2. RH may need to correct me, but you should see them with the arcade playlists (if you have generated them). Not sure if they show for the non-arcade playlists as i have not generated those.
  7. ed20910

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    I believe i found mine on arcadepunks. Could have been emumovies. Sorry, i don't remember exactly. i have so many vids and media collected, hard to remember where i downloaded from. i can tell you they were part of a category set. similar to the category nesting LB has.
  8. ed20910

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    I have a bunch of videos i have collected and as stated, the Hyperpi are probably the closest you will find. only thing i dont like is the embedded logo. Here is a sample of Atari 2600. Atari_2600.mp4
  9. ed20910

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    You could also create your own clear logo. There is a website called cooltext.com (thank you to @RetroHumanoid for pointing to it) that has tons of fonts to choose from. You can use a dedicated font for the system or just your missing logos. All you do is select your font, add the text you want then download the image. Change the name from cooltext123 to your game name and drop in your clear logo folder. I like uniform logos and used this tutorial to fix some of mine along with cooltext. Also, it helps to check games that you are missing media for from time to time as the LBDB gets updated. Bubble Symphony should have a clear logo.
  10. ed20910

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    make sure you have moved the old Unified Refried theme out or renamed the folder. Put the new Refried theme folder in your themes folder like before, in order to use the additional addons, you need to take the views/images folders from the addons folders that you wish to use. Queso Fresco is the one that will have the similar Arcade addon from the original Refried Arcade separate theme. Once you have added the files it "just works" there is no need to select a separate theme other than Unified Refried. Everything is contained in the one theme and the addons all go into the main them folder. no separate themes for separate platforms.
  11. ed20910

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    take the images and views folders that are in Queso Fresco (delicious by the way) and copy/paste them into the new refried theme folder. Do the same for any of the other addons you want to use. (Genres/Favorites etc.) The folders are more just containers, you just need the images and views folders out of them.
  12. ed20910

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    @RetroHumanoid were there any changes between the upload here and the mega link from the yesterday?
  13. If i understand correctly, you are wanting to have each game listed as a separate game in Big Box? If so, if the roms you want to separate out are listed as "additional apps" you would HAVE to use launchbox like mentioned before, right click on the game and choose "expand selected games" option in the menu. You can only edit games using launchbox. This allow you to have say, the 2p TMNT and the 4p TMNT roms as separate games. I think this way makes it tougher to know which is which when you get into Big Box as some games typically have the same name. You could then create a custom playlist from these games if you wanted. What i do is leave the games as additional apps. In Big Box, if you have not changed the default setting, selecting a game will take you into the game details. There is an option there for "additional apps" this will bring up a window which allows you to choose between the 2 and 4 player versions of a rom, or different variations. I have mine setup to launch a game directly to avoid the 2 steps to launch a game. However, i have a key set up to go into the "game details" screen which will allow me to choose a different rom/clone that is listed as an additional app. The other option i believe would to reimport the full set (assuming that is what you are using) you could choose the option to "import all clones as separate games" (not recommended by the importer.
  14. ed20910

    Urban Gaming Showstopper

    Not sure where one would use this but it is a great piece of work. Awesome.