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Neo Geo 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels

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Neo Geo 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels

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Neo Geo 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels

Happy Halloween, although i'm a bit early this is my present to you for the coming holiday.
This is part of the "Lights Out - Realistic Retroarch Bezels" series: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1950-mr-retrolusts-lights-off-retroarch-bezels/

There is a better version of these bezels over here: 


  - All in 3840x2160 pixels for high detail
  - 1 Generic bezel for any Neo Geo game without artwork
  - 70 unique bezels of which:
       41 Bottom instruction sticker
       26 Top and bottom instruction sticker
       3 Dedicated full artwork bezels namely; The Irritating Maze, Samurai Shodown and Samurai Shodown II

The following steps are for users of 3840x2160 displays only. This setup will save you countless hours adjusting them yourself, but be sure not to rename any files or folders and follow below instructions. IMPORTANT: If you use another resolution you'll have to manually adjust the position and size of the game screen yourself.

1. Place the contents in the folder "RetroArch/config/FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo" to the folder of the core that you use, as you can see I use the FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo core.

2. Within this folder rename the following config file "SNK - Neo Geo" to the name of the folder where your NeoGeo games are stored. This file will automatically give all the NeoGeo games without artwork the generic bezel.

3. Place the contents from "RetroArch/overlays/_MR.RETROLUST/NeoGeo" to it's like named structure within RetroArch.

Done & Enjoy! \m/

Recources used:
Mr.DO: http://mrdo.mameworld.info/mame_artwork_ingame.php
NeoGeosoft: http://www.neogeosoft.com
Benshiro: https://www.flickr.com/photos/67825675@N08/
And any scanner/photgrapher I can't trace.


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