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BigBox mode causing weird peripheral disconnect sounds (??)


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I recently switched my PC to a more modest machine. So I just moved the entire Launchbox folder to the new PC.
I'm using now the BigBox on HP Compact PC powered by AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Pro.
The system is installed on SSDM2 and Launchbox on an SSD disk. The amount of memory is 8GB

When I enter Bigbox mode and the platform-related videos start playing, the system behaves as if I were plugging and unplugging peripherals, emitting standard Windows sounds, and it stays on and on.

I believe there may be some incompatibility. Besides that, I am also experiencing poor performance for my settings.
Does anyone know how I can reset launchbox settings without losing my collections, lists, themes and folder locations?

Thanks in advance!

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\Launcbox\Data\Settings.xml or \Launcbox\Data\BigBoxSettings.xml are your setting files. Can delete both without removing information on your library contents. I personally would simply rename those files to something like Settings_OLD.xml until you figure out if that is the issue. That way you can easily revert back if desired.

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Gentlemen, the problem was all the time interference from wireless devices and USB 3.0 ports, where my external hard drive is plugged. This is a flaw found in my HP compact desktop. Searching the web, it seems to be something common on these computers. He ended up corrupting my hard drive and I had to restore it. I thought there was something related to Launchbox, but no. Everything is OK now.

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