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Cemu Tool bar problem when launched


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I can not get BigBox/Launchbox to launch CEMU 1.5.19 with out the tool bar at the top of the screen. This happens with out running it through Launchbox, so it may not even be a Launchbox thing, but I figured I would show my settings anyways. I have tried every combination of options I could think of. I have tried searching for this problem as well in case it is a bug with the current release of Cemu. Let me know if anyone is having this problem and if not which version of Cemu you are running. Maybe I will get an older version of Cemu if need be.


 Here are my emulator settings in Launchbox:692306898_20191204_2051031.thumb.jpg.3622bcfb211e8e60d6fd1849f274fec9.jpg

Here are my settings in Cemu. I see the option to check for full screen menu bar unchecked, yet it still is showing up on my screen anyways.



This is the tool bar that shows up even though I have the settings to launch the emulator in full screen (-f) and the box to hide the tool bar unchecked.950252604_20191204_2043101.thumb.jpg.cb8ec1f7fa19c2a22788836e72e43a16.jpg

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Sleep, 8500

Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Alt Up}



Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}


I'm using this AHK i found online for the time being. Just adjust the "Sleep" amount until your cache is loaded. Some games like BOTW cache shaders take longer to load, i have mine to 33000.

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