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  1. Yes, but if internet cuts out for example or I accidently close the browser the download just fails and you need to start again. With IDM or any other download manager you can just resume it. On a small download it's not an issue, but for stuff 5-10gb in size it's a pain having to start again as I have found out 2-3 times already. It is just what I am used to on every other site I use, so I thought I would bring it to your attention as I am sure many others use IDM or similar. All I am saying is for years IDM worked perfectly in this forum and now it doesn't. Thanks for your input.
  2. Great work as usual. Thanks for sharing 👍
  3. Check out the total PS2 games so far ! 5,065 and counting (6.24tb) even converted to CHD. I think along with the rest of Japan/Europe I am still downloading, it will be over 6,500 and nearly 10tb (once converted to CHD ! 🤯
  4. Here are some of my larger converted game sizes, so you can compare yours against them.
  5. I found the larger games like Rock Band etc were not much different in size, but as I say, over my first 2,600 games it saved me 100gb once converted from gz (regardless of the 50+ gb of temp files). PS, my Rock Band 2 is exactly the same size as yours, so maybe the compression is the same for me. I am just using a bat file that converts them, but I can't see what compression it is using.
  6. Yes, maybe, I think it was on default 5. Whatever the difference it's minimal even on 9 compared to CHD (using latest CHDMAN 0.235) I didn't know chdman would be any better on later versions until I noticed I was using a version years out of date and re-converted Sega CD etc with latest chdman and the difference was vast in comparison.
  7. I am not aware of a bulk bat file that extracts gz first then converts iso to CHD. I did have one that converted 7z to gz in bulk and that was useful at the time (when I wasted another 2 weeks of my life) as it turned out doing that. I just extracted the gz first and then as they extracted I just pulled the isos into another folder and converted them to CHD. This has literally taken me almost 1 month solid to do this for 5,200 PS2 games (and counting) and it is an absolute killer, but I am almost there now ps, tried converting on an old dell pc i have and to say it is slow is understating it .... 1 file every hour at best ! The better your PC, the faster it will be as I found out quickly. PS, Converting just my USA set from GZ to CHD saved me 100gb, so compression is even better overall using CHD on top of the instant loading.
  8. Good luck, be prepared for a looooooong journey
  9. The only think hard about RA is finding all the bios files. The rest of it is simple as all you do is install the cores etc inside RA, and even that is just clicking download core, update assets etc. Once it's setup it will emulate 70-80% of all your systems.
  10. You don't just install RetroArch and that's it, you need to set it all up, install cores etc and add any required bios files. If you have not done that then that may be your issue.
  11. Thanks for heads up on PS2, as I didn't think to get the PS2 Japan set. Now I have 5,200 PS2 games in CHD format (USA/Europe/Japan) and still downloading Converting them is a killer, but so much better than even gz (no more temp files wasting space for every game)
  12. Your PC specs are just not good enough unfortunately Just because 1 game works on a system will not mean they all will and only a better graphics card/processor will resolve your issues. If you keep your existing setup then expect it to always be hit and miss unless you just want to be playing NES and Pong on it !
  13. For NES you could try to use the Nestopia core as an option, though Mesen should work fine if you have everything setup correctly.
  14. You are using RetroArch plus so might not be on it. Try the 32bit version of RetroArch or even better download the latest MAME set 0.235, then you can use the mamearcade core
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