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  1. If this error appears just click OK and go to plugins. There are only 3, so just choose one of the other 2 and one of them should work.
  2. Rom hacks could mean anything. If you are talking about NES,SNES,Genesis,N64 hacks etc then the information for those will not show up for most of them, so you will have to add them yourself. As for playing them in RetroArch, 95% of them play fine using the same cores as the original games.
  3. The version with drift is great, but agree that normal version is boring.
  4. Yes, I use RocketLauncher too as I have a huge Hyperspin setup so utilise it with Launchbox when I can't get stuff to load through Launchbox
  5. That is using jconfig 🤣
  6. FYI, 2 hours and counting just to refresh 1 wheel (MS-DOS) in Launchbox since updating to 11.10 (Tried 5 times so far) This was not this slow on previous version, surely a 10 second job just to refresh some wheelart ?
  7. Speed up Launchbox/ Bigbox loading times for large collections as currently it takes between 2-3 minutes to just load into BigBox for me.
  8. Awesome theme. Unless it's me it will not display default boxart. Is that correct or am I missing a setting ? Thanks again for the theme.
  9. This does not work for me either even with hide console windows. Many Teknoparrot games also cannot use the fade screens , e.g. Batman as once game loads it only plays the sound (for me anyway) Until they fix it within the emulator itself, we are stuck with a messy loading screen. Also some games like Mario Kart DX take a few minutes to load, so it's useful for screen to show on those games or you would think it was not going to load at all.
  10. Great work with these boxes. What romset version were they for BTW ? Thanks again
  11. When bulk editing in 11.10, nothing will set if you do more than 1 edit. You need to do one then close, then open it up again and do the next edit (e.g I wanted to add startup and shutdown and it would not do it, no matter how many times I tried until I tried startup then finished, then went back to do shutdown.
  12. Yes, I was going through them in Bigbox and checking that way, but thought I would ask just in case. Thanks for reply.
  13. I am trying to add notes to all my systems and wondered if there is a way to see all systems without notes, or do I need to go through my 650 systems and check ? Thanks in advance for any info.
  14. No, just separate them to get the database and all on Launchbox That is correct how you are doing it in the image
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