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  1. Never put your own work down, as 99.9% of the people on here couldn't create a theme if they tried (As you can see from the lack of anything in the downloads) Great work and thanks for your efforts.
  2. It probably quarantined it, so check to see if you can restore it. Also, emulation in general is notorious for producing false positive viruses, so ensure that you set an exclusion for your entire Launchbox folder in any anti virus (including Windows Defender) or this will happen all the time in future.
  3. Just point it to your MAME roms folder, no need to move the roms.
  4. Make sure you are using the latest MAME romset for the games, rather than the old bin/lst games. All works fine using Flycast with default settings, though tweaking to your liking will obviously help further.
  5. Yes, i don't use MAME software list version. I was just stating that if he converts to chd many won't load in every emulator and then you need to mix and match, or revert back to bin/cue Leaving in bin/cue they practically all load in any good ps1 emulator/core as long as cue is named correctly to match rom name (if there is an issue) Also when converting to chd, it's very difficult to convert back to bin/cue in my experience. There are many systems that are better to convert to chd, this is one i found was not, but maybe MAME software list is the way to go if chd is required for PS1.
  6. I have full sets of Europe and USA PS2 roms, and compatibility is excellent on both, so no need to wait for this to improve. Regarding converting to chd on PS1 roms, in my experience, yes it may save space but the compatibility of chd files where PS1 is concerned is not the same as keeping them in bin/cue format i have found. PCSX and RetroArch will play many, but then many will not load at all. I have 3,800 PS1 Japan, 1,850 Eur/USA and have found bin/cue work much better. It is basically hit and miss for individual games and keeping them in bin/cue format (in my experience) has better compatibility across the PS1 emulators and also PS1 cores within RetroArch, but hey what do I know I only have practically every rom from every system there is and have been testing them on every emulator known to man for over 7 years. 😀
  7. IMO it's best to keep them in bin/cue for and zipped. CHD will not load for every game, be it RetroArch, PCSX etc, so keep as is. If a specific game does not load, just make sure to edit the cue file to ensure it is named exactly the same as the zip file. Good luck, I know how long it takes Wait till you try to get the PS2 full Euro and US sets !
  8. Sounds a bit like Twitter to me. Has built a fine product, but now seems to be changing it to fit how he wants it, rather than the people using it.
  9. Cancel culture, don't you love it. If they get their hands on video games that offended anyone, there would be none left !
  10. 11.4 seems to have issues, as I can't get it to load either. Go back to 11.3 or 11.2 as they both work ok.
  11. Try using MAME romset and RetroArch (flycast core) The roms using bin and lst files are old.
  12. 11.4 also not working for me. Window 10 Pro 64bit 2004 update
  13. How lazy do you want to be mate ? Do you want it to play it for you too ? 🤣
  14. Great work. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this.
  15. Good, but far too long IMO
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