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  1. This unfortunately is Launchbox/Bigbox biggest issue, it's very slow (2 minutes to load up Bigbox, 30 seconds to load up Launchbox) for me. I thought it was because I had 150,000 games on my setup, but it's slow due to the way Launchbox/Bigbox is working in the background. It has to do too many backups etc and feels like it is looking at the entire setup each time you try to do anything. I also have Hyperspin, and even with 150,000 games on that everything is practically instant when doing anything. (Obviously working in a different way, but using same emulators/media/roms) Hopefully speed can be improved over time, because as beautiful as it looks, this is a fatal flaw for sure.
  2. Why are you using cores ? Just use the MAME emulator for these systems and they will all play fine.
  3. No, you have to add them yourself. Search for devices, clear logos etc and add them to relevant folders and you will see it look better as you do. Not everything is supplied for you, you have to go and hunt it down on the forums, or create it yourself.
  4. Yeah, I know how a bat file works thanks. It works, so I am happy. When someone asks a question in a forum, I like to see alternative ideas, rather than someone who thinks there is only one way of doing everything. I will now leave this conversation to the experts while I play my fully setup Daphne 2.0 !! 😆
  5. Have you used it ? Each game has it's own screen with boxart that will not show if you run it through a bat file (when I tested anyway), so in my opinion it's better loading to the setup, rather than each game. If you want each game, just use Daphne and ActionMax systems that are setup like that. Ps, I have now set it up to run either way using bat files to load individual games just like the normal Daphne (which I already have running through RocketLauncher) or directly to the main system where you can scroll through all the games from ActionMax and Daphne which is the better option IMO (as I stated previously)
  6. If you have the correct romset and bios file combination and have setup Launchbox/Emulator correctly, 99.9% will work.
  7. Worst case scenario, just rename the drive letter to what it currently is.
  8. In my experience it will keep metadata for all the roms you have. In the end to use the bezels you will need to do some renaming. Depends on how important it is to you. 2 hours and it would be done.
  9. Works fine just setting up the bat file and playing games directly from the menu as intended. Literally just create a system, e.g. Daphne 2.0, setup the emulator and away you go. Even exits fine. All controls for mouse already setup and just need keyboard for coins and start for some games (or use joy2key to add to controller)
  10. Or, just go to the bezel folders and rename them to what the roms are called. The bezels can be named anything as long as they are the same as the roms.
  11. In Launchbox, go to tools,options,integration,MAME and untick both boxes
  12. Yes, anyone of them would be great (top one best) Thanks
  13. Not sure if you seen this from a few days ago, but hope this image is something you can work with ? Thanks in advance.
  14. People say a bad workman blames his tools when someone says that something they have done is not of good quality because they did not have the correct things to do it with, to mean that it is really because they did not have enough skill.
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