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  1. Great work. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this.
  2. Thanks for your effort producing these. Much appreciated.
  3. What ever it is, I would have thought it was an easy fix and should be priority number 1 IMO.
  4. Speed is the biggest flaw Launchbox has. Example is Hyperspin where I have over 100,000 games and still the setup loads instantly. Obviously it must be due to Launchbox trying to load everything at once on startup. Maybe look at just loading the interface only on startup, then individual systems once they are selected?
  5. I know this is out there, but why not upgrade then ? MAME works on every windows above XP
  6. Great video, though not a fan of the soundtrack. Maybe consider a different soundtrack option with more of an arcade style ?
  7. Check on the information screen in RetroArch to see if it has detected all required bios files.
  8. Having dvd-rom in the title really bothers you ? LOL 🤣
  9. Just wondering if you will ever release these, or are you just showing off your work. I think we get the jist now. Maybe release one with setup guide and others can contribute to the cause also ?
  10. Overlapping videos don't work IMO, but thanks for your continued work generally.
  11. Great work to all concerned. Any chance of releasing a 2d covers only pack ?
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