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  1. I didn't do the configs myself, I used different specific builds from different github links that were already configured (see below) Xenia Custom 1.12 Alpha Xenia - (D3D12) version Xenia - Canary Xenia - Canary by Backgamon Xenia - custom emoose fix Xenia - Vulkan version Xenia Custom 1.07 Xenia Custom 1.11c Xenia Custom 1.11e Xenia Custom 1.11g Xenia Custom 1.11h Xenia Custom 1.11i Xenia Custom 1.11k
  2. Extract this into you gameboy bezels folder for testing For your bezel, you need to specify the bezel co-ordinates as noted above (no idea what yours are) into the module info in RL for RA _Default.zip
  3. Just create different Xenia emulators for each config and point to the games accordingly. I myself have about 10 different versions of Xenia for this reason, luckily the size of Xenia is tiny so not much space taken up.
  4. Definitely a great site for logos and backgrounds. Now I know where to look it should be even more useful. I am usually looking for new games, so this should help me a lot. Thanks again.
  5. Everytime I check SteamGridDB i cannot find anything, but that's because I was looking in the logos tab, because when I first searched there for Halo Master Collection it was in the logos tab (as below) Thanks for pointing out where to look in future, and know that I am checking everywhere I know of (including google images) with every permutation of searches before posting a request here.
  6. Try updating to the latest Windows and see if that helps, as 20H2 is not latest version (latest may not be available where you are yet): I am on 21H1 and all working fine. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10
  7. Google ? I wish I had thought of trying to find my logos there first before posting on this LOGO REQUESTS POST ! I have literally 10's of thousands of logos that I have found via Google, so I think I know how to find stuff Thanks for both of your input, but the word patronising springs to mind. I tried typing backbone logo png, backbone logo transparent, backbone logo, backbone transparent and nothing came up in Google (except one I showed above). If I had seen it I would not have posted a request here. I will try not to inundate you with my 3-4 logos a week in future
  8. Yes, but they all still get picked up correctly by Launchbox, as I do this all the time.
  9. Try using EmuMovies Sync for the videos , logos etc if you have EmuMovies as it's very fast, even with small single items like logos, snaps, videos etc You can then untick these from your main search via Launchbox which will speed up your overall time.
  10. Make sure you have 0.209 bios set to go with that romset too
  11. Haha, everytime I look there they are never available so didn't even bother this time. Thanks
  12. Go get them on there then, instead of mocking his work then bring them all to this forum and share them so I can see I was wrong (All correctly named obviously) 😏 You can be the new Robin55.
  13. Excellent quality. Thanks 👍
  14. And here is an example of why Robin55 is no longer around ! Make them yourself if you are not happy with these FREE images that are not available anywhere else.
  15. Since updating to latest version (Beta 6), when updating media it will continually play the last video sounds regardless of the system I move to. Example, I update PS3 media and its showing and playing 007 Blood Stone video with sound, then when i go to another system, as it's downloading media for PS3, the video for 007 Blood Stone is still playing in the background as well as the video of the new system I have just gone to, say SNES for example. I cannot find anyway of stopping this (until media has finished downloading) and have never noticed it before on previous builds.
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