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New guy here bought the 50 dollar version and I am enjoying it. Got a ton of emulation working so far in fact I am about done before the storage space is getting too high on the newer generations to make it worthwhile. Awaiting parts for the cabinet I am going to be building :)

Anyhow I know its not your responsibility and as I said I have figured out dozens of emulator setups thus far, customer setups for retroarch and or other external emulators. I feel like its just one little thing I am overlooking.

Fairchild Channel F whats the easiest setup to use in Launchbox?

Currently I am trying to do it through retroarch / the only Mess core I find

I have tried the settings in this thread


Also looked at this thread

My experience thus far with launchbox time/software is updated there are easier and better ways to handle something. I don't find anything current though.

I have BIOS dled and I put them in;


also tried in


as I have had to do with other emulators, I have checked the associated platforms its retroach / mess and I have tried the different recommend command lines.

Love the launchbox setup tutorials and ETA prime btw just can't seem to find what I need on this one.

Advice on setup type and maybe what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in Advance




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I'm using MAME standalone, an older version (.201).  I only update MAME every other year or so.  :)

Here are my settings that may help you get going with MAME.


I have a channelf.zip bios file in my MAME bios folder or place it with your other MAME roms.

Its been a while since I've set this one up, not sure if there were extra hiccups with this one.


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I am so close to being done with the collection and ready to make it portable, I am building a Arcade pedestal costing me around 750 bucks the portable is more of a backup.

Anyhow dozens of emulators np this is been lovely minus two systems. The one I am focused on is the Fairchild Channel F. I have tried Mame and Mess. I must be missing something still and this should be simpler. I have downloaded a half dozen bios etc as well trying them all in different directories.

I had this system working on a retropie using the FreeChaF libretro core. However I can't find it for DL in retroarch. Its available and I can DL it but I am unsure how to install it into retroarch.



Thus I am still struggling more help is appreciated.

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1 hour ago, OSIAS said:

Let me clarify, is there a guide to installing custom cores. IE the file structure and config requirements.

Thank You

I downloaded the one from your sourceforge link, the 2019 archive.  It contains the bios files as well as a compiled core.

Copy the core 'freechaf_libretro.dll' located that archives windows folder to your retroarch core folder.

Copy the bios files from the root of that archive (the *.bin files) to your retroarch system folder.

Copy the 'freechaf_libretro.info' file from the root of that archive to your retroarch info folder.

Run retroarch, navigate to Load Core.  It should be there as Fairchild Channel F (FreeChaF).  Try to run a game.  Worked for me.



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Thank You got it working. Funny think is I can't launch it from retroarch directly but I can from launchbox / retroarch.

Also I believe another part of the problem was the roms were individually zipped and it didn't like that format which I should have caught onto.


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