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What is the code to display an offset image...


The wheel for example will display the items before and after what would be the current selection...

Say I have duck, penguin, and zebra as the wheel...


I want image -1 to be the duck

image +1 to be the zebra


I'm coming from attractmode which describes it as follows: 


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I don't believe you need to worry about coding an offset. BigBox coding display images alphabetically based on the coded image type for the theme. So if the wheel was vertical and penguin was selected the upper most item would be duck and the lower zebra. You would not need to code anything. Unless I am completely misunderstanding what you are asking. 

Vertical Wheel:


PENGUIN - selected item



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On 12/7/2019 at 8:49 PM, bionictoothpick said:

I want to use the community theme creator and add an image...along with other offset images..say for example I have an image of an arcade with three machines. I want the other two machines to have the appropriate marquee and screen...

Well that would be up to Y2guru's theme creator to see if it is capable of doing that. Are you wanting to do this as a wheel selection for games?

If you are using a wheel to show platform selections or game selections it works to show previous, current, and next based on the binding categories coded into BigBox (such as SelectedGame.ClearLogoImagePath or SelectedGame.BannerImagePath ) and it uses only a single image in the wheel. I am not sure it currently could bind 3 image categories into one wheel image selection. At least that is what I think you are describing. 

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