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  1. Thanks, I just need to spend time with big box and find out what its button capabilities are so I can maximize the use of my controllers. Thanks again.
  2. Main Wheel and Default Games View I guess would be sufficient, as long as Default Games View will still work when there is a known system like Atari 2600. Thanks in advance.
  3. JaysArcade, I'd leave everything as you have, but could you add a spot for a user created transparent png to cover the full screen?
  4. Something like this... https://forums.launchbox-app.com/uploads/monthly_2020_09/image.png.f88fed30e873c384f5745e09f9e3ae71.png
  5. I'd like to add a picture of my controller with an overview of what each button does in the navigation menu... Can you direct me to how to do that?
  6. Thanks for sharing your theme. I've been waiting for more vertical themes, and this is a great start.
  7. Hello, y2guru, Can you add pinching in addition to the already provided skewing? I'm trying to recreate a section of my theme from Nevato which uses it. This is how it works in attractmode: Just a recap of how skew, and pinching of an image currently works: If skewing the y axis of an image, the right side of the image will move either move up or down. If pinching the y axis of an image, the right side of the image will expand or contract. Thanks, BT
  8. Slow process for me, but trying to convert this attractmode theme to bigbox...
  9. Say for example I had a magazine cover that says next months issue and it would have a cover based on an offset from the current selection. It's nothing useful in my plans, just aesthetics really.
  10. I want to use the community theme creator and add an image...along with other offset images..say for example I have an image of an arcade with three machines. I want the other two machines to have the appropriate marquee and screen...
  11. What is the code to display an offset image... The wheel for example will display the items before and after what would be the current selection... Say I have duck, penguin, and zebra as the wheel... I want image -1 to be the duck image +1 to be the zebra ___ I'm coming from attractmode which describes it as follows: label - the label of the artwork to retrieve. This should correspond to an artwork configured in Attract-Mode (artworks are configured per emulator in the config menu) or scraped using the scraper. Attract- Mode's standard artwo
  12. The wheel shows the current game and others...for example the middle is the selection (or the one that would be selected if chosen) Adventure Bezerk Castlevania Offset -1 would be Adventure Offset +1 would be Castlevania
  13. If I want to add an image with an offset of -1 or +1 with respect to the currently selected item... (preferably -x or + x) how do I do that? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for creating this. It's user friendly, and I will be able to create a vertical theme with no problem. I have to wrap my head around all the views...I'm coming from attract mode.
  15. The only vertical them I've been able to find is Vertigo. After I get my new system setup I'll work on making something like the one below using the community editor...unless someone knows of others already created for BigBox. http://i.imgur.com/uvm1HN9m.png
  16. If you are using portrait mode this is worth a look. http://www.fss-pinball.com/
  17. Great work. Do you know if there are any like this but in 2160 x 3840?
  18. Thanks for posting. I'll have to try this out.
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