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Possible Bug in v10.10

The Papaw

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I am adding videos to PS3 games and since I am having to do them one-by-one, I am fixing many of them that pulled data from wiki, trying to see if they are in the LB DB now. If so, I am downloading images/meta again. I have noticed that if a game has a Box Front and Clear Logo already downloaded the checkboxes not ticked (as it should be). But if you hit <ENTER> or click on Download LB is locking up on me, I have to CTL-ALT-DEL to kill it....

I have to either click on cancel or make sure something is ticked...???

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Hi Wanderer, I can't seem to replicate that. Here's my steps:

  1. Edit a single game
  2. Click Download Images/Media
  3. Click Uncheck All on the first tab
  4. Click Uncheck All on the EmuMovies tab
  5. Click Download

When I do that, the dialog just closes, though it does take a second. Are you doing something differently?

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@Jason Carr I was working with PS3 games (using RPCS3 as emulator (don't think emulator matters)).  I can't duplicate it again now either. Here is what was happening though. First, it would be a game that had previously scraped using wikipedia, it would have only found a front cover and maybe description. These were the steps I was doing:

1. Edit single game
2. Unticking wikipedia
3. Click OK (like I finished editing the game)
4. Edit it again
5. Click search metadata
4. If it found entry in LB Database, then I would click on Download Images/Media

But I would Not click on Uncheck anything to do try to avoid downloading duplicate or new images that may replace current ones I had already edited/resized, but allowed LB to pick the new ones it found, usually clear logos or 3D fronts

Like I said, I can't duplicate now either. I have since finished that console, updated to 10.11.1, it may have been something with emuMovies working on something??  Don't know, but sorry and glad it is working again. Thank you sir

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