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Potentially open up community editing of platforms?


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I've started really getting my collection added to Launchbox and even have been submitting as well as moderating a number of changes within the LB database and I love the whole thing. Really great system.

My only complaint however is that the systems themselves seemed to be locked down and it isn't clear who edits those. There is a pinned thread on this forum that people have been submitting systems too but it seems to have died out somewhat in recent months/years

A surprising number of systems are still missing banner images and clear logo's, and often images of any kind. Even popular ones like the PSP.

I can understand that the systems themselves are more important and the functionality of LB does rely on some standards being met when it comes to their entries in the database.

I'm asking if Jason/admins would consider expanding the database functionality so that the community can more directly work towards polishing the platform entries like we can for games. Perhaps it could be that the changes would need much higher approval ratios than games or the changes would have to be manually reviewed by Jason or a moderator, to maintain a higher threshold of quality since the platforms are more critical.

I think this would really help with having quality images added for each system and greatly accelerate the documentation of some of the more obscure, but still very official platforms that only had a few dozens releases.

Either way I think it would be great if sooner than later (no rush) we could have a better system for this than just "drop details and images in a thread or two and hope eventually they are added". It would also cut down on people reposting redundant media/metadata or people asking for the same platforms to be added over and over.

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