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Garbled system font in PPSSPP via Retroarch


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So I got my PPSSPP core set up in Retroarch and everything works fine, except for the system messages (as shown in the attachment). I've tried adding multipe versions of the PPSSPP assets folder, as well as the actual PSP fonts, to the retroarch\system\PPSSPP folder. The PPSSPP core (1.8.5) should be up-to-date.

Of course, I've tried Googling the problem. It seems the issue is usually a mismatch between the version of the PPSSPP core versus the version of the assets (specifically ppge_atlas.zim). However, I've tried pasting in the assets folder from the master branch of the PPSSPP github (as linked in the retroarch documentation) as well, figuring that one should match up. No dice. 

Has anyone else recently run into this issue? If you've managed to fix it, could you point me in the right direction as well?


**EDIT**: Annnnd of course, I only decide to check the actual version of that master branch and compare it to the core version AFTER having posted this topic... It seems the maser branch was on 1.9.0. Downloaded the 1.8.0 assets now, and they work fine. Sorry about that! Why would the core downloaded through retroarch be a major version behind, though? Apparently, version 1.9.0 released quite a while ago, too (Sep 25, 2019).

weird font.png

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