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Prevent game music from looping on menu


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While this may seem like a silly thing to request, I have my reasoning. I would prefer to make the music (which plays when you click on a game) a sound effect from that specific game, instead of a looping song from the OST. But this is not possible, as no matter what file you set as the music, it will ALWAYS loop forever and ever... so I guess if you enjoy repeatedly hearing the Super Mario 64 coin sound, you can do that I guess.

But while I CAN just make my music file a sound effect with like an hour of silence after it, I have a constant fear that I'm gonna accidentally leave the program on during the day or night, and the sudden sound will scare me or wake me up. This doesn't seem like much work to implement, and it would be an amazing addition. :)

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Three years later, I second this obscure request. A flag for loop: on|off would be great. I've been thinking it'd be nice to have a familiar sound effect or jingle play for each game instead of a whole song. 

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