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    Stylish, simple, and subtle. I don't usually go for themed overlays but these just look great! Thanks for all the work you did on these.
  1. That's great! Sorry I think I forgot to turn notifications of replies on so I didn't see any of this conversation going on in here. Glad you picked up on it pretty quickly though! Like Retro808 said, I just screw around with a theme I like until it does the things I want. Glad you were able to do the same!
  2. I did that in the settings at first but iirc it turned off the stars along with the 'your star rating', 'community star rating', and 'total ratings'. I just wanted to keep the stars and heart. I had read that about the fonts in your theme description but I'm oddly fine with Windows font settings in general but in LB it just felt like it needed to be bigger for my eyes.
  3. It's worked out so far for all my platforms. I just edited the alignment so the box art is aligned at the top instead of centered (attachment 2) Thought I'd also share a couple screenshots of what else I've done. Please forgive 🙏 Mostly I wanted to increase text size for couch-distance. I moved the screenshots up to the top just yesterday, kinda digging it. The only other big change was rearranging the rating/favorites/info for myself. I wanted the stars but never needed the community rating info or genres so I pared it down to just a few details. Thanks for suggestions on the loading. I'm going to blame my slow USB HDD for most of it. That's why I already had the full screen backgrounds turned off and wanted to go this route to bypass loading fanart as well.
  4. It's possible to move these elements around by making your own theme or, like me, editing an existing one. I really like the style of the Lambda beta theme but I wanted to change some things for my own use. You can see in my image I just moved the chunk of code that puts in the screenshots up above the description. The big image at the top is actually a video but if you just want 1 screenshot up at the top you can do that pretty easily from the Settings menu. Let me know, I might be reading your description wrong.
  5. Hey hey, I think I figured out *a* solution! I had this idea the other day but haven't had time to check until now. It would be on a per-platform basis but right click a platform > Edit > Folders > and then change the path for 'Fanart - Background' to anything else. I changed mine to 'Cover - Front' but I know there are some covers that only exist in 'Fanart - Reconstructed' so I'd have to move some things around but this accomplishes what I was looking for: not having to fill up my limited HDD with extra images. 👍 The only complaint now is that the text loads first at the top of the sidebar, then the cover image loads and the text jumps down the screen. I know this is sorta beyond your theme but any ideas if you can slow down the sidebar text loading speed so it all appears at the same time?
  6. Loved the original release and these refinements look even better! I can't help myself but tinker with it though for a few personal preferences. One thing I'm curious about and haven't stumbled upon yet is pointing the GameDetailsView header image from 'FanartImages' to the box art. I don't know if it's actually possible since the box art could be in several different places (front cover, back cover, 3D, reconstructed, etc). Any suggestions appreciated... even if I ditch it in favor of fanart in the end Thanks!
  7. Hey all, another noob-ish question for anyone. I have regional playlists for some platforms but in order to choose them I click on the top level (NES in this case) and it loads up every game for the system. It's a bit of a strain on the HDD and I'm not ever going to scroll through that view. So, is there a way to make clicking on NES only show the contents of a single playlist or, better yet, to have it load up nothing at all? It would basically just be a header so I can quickly pick a playlist from there. Not sure if I'm overlooking the option or if LB isn't built that way. Thanks all!
  8. Thanks for the quick response! I tried it with the default theme and was able to bring up the pause menu pretty reliably, although not on every game I tried it with. Maybe 90% of the time it works. Would the version of MAME have anything to do with it?
  9. So far MAME is the only emulator I'm using outside of RetroArch. With every RA core the BigBox pause menu opens just fine but with MAME it will pause the game but not present the Pause Menu. In LaunchBox it works perfectly so it's something specific to BigBox or maybe the COLORFUL theme I'm using, right? Had a look around but didn't see any posts with this specific version of pause menu problems. Appreciate any suggestions, I'm still new with LB, and BB especially.
  10. I figured it would just take some adjusting of more colors, but I'd also have to edit the GIF arrows or remove them. If I ever get super ambitious, I'd like something like your pause screen but with the menu moved to the left and the control panel image for the loaded game above the Notes/description of the game.
  11. Sure thing! I just changed the main background color and bottom bar to the 2 shades of COLORFUL's dark theme. And since the pause gif looked a little funky on dark, I switched it to the .png. I was going to darken the background on the scroll list buuuuut I got lazy. Turns out it isn't too bright for me with the background toned down. Default.xaml
  12. Also really love the look and simplicity of it!! I have a hard time with bright whites so I adjusted a couple color values to match the dark view of the Colorful theme. Now it's all in sync and not burning my retinas. 👍
  13. Ah, that makes total sense now! I switched to that view briefly and didn't even realize it!
  14. If it turns out to be a feature you don't need or use, you can just delete those GIFs from the theme folder too.
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