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A front end for front ends???


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Would love to have windows 10 boot directly into a program that lets me select different front ends with a nice gui interface.

For example, have a couple different launchbox builds for arcade, kids, and myself depending on who's playing. Would also like to throw in some of the recent coinops builds, some of colpipes stuff, and maybe even hyperspin.  Also an icon to boot to open regular windows 10 desktop.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Was thinking maybe KODI or maybe even launchbox itself.

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I never have really scene anything like this but its a pretty good idea. I have scene an addon for Kodi that runs in Windows and allows you to do pretty much what you said in Kodi, ie run when windows starts, kills windows explorer etc. Just search the Kodi forums for it. A good alternative would be just to use the kodi plugin to launch LaunchBox from the main kodi menu. You can also use Kodi plugins like Advanced Launcher to pretty much launch anything else from the Kodi home screen such as other frontends. I assume it might be somehow possible to even use it to somehow kill Kodi and somehow switch back to the Windows desktop from Kodi.

This really isnt a bad idea and might try to setup something like this myself lol

Also just to add if you want an easy click screen like you described, I would take a look at the Kodi Titan skin. 

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Since you can put any launcher on Steam, that would be another option and one that works well.

I tested my Steam Link a few months ago and launched BigBox and RetroArch through it with no problems. Pretty neat to sit on a couch, pick your front end, and watch the intro play.

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