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I apologize if this topic has been covered previously, but wasn't having any luck finding it in the forums. If I already have full archive sets of MAME artwork (cabinets, panels, marquees etc..), is there any way to import these archives for use with LaunchBox? There's several GBs of artwork stored in my existing 7-Zip files, and being able to use it would not only save disk space compared to unpacked artwork, but would also keep me from having to download everything one game at a time from the database. I suppose one option would be to unpack the artwork archives and manually place the images in the appropriate Launchbox directories, I was just hoping there might be a better way that I was unfamiliar with? Not to mention that manually arranging all that artwork would take ages, for a large romset. Any help of info is greatly appreciated! :)

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Unfortunately, you have to place them unzipped in the corresponding LB image folder path.  I wish that feature was available.  Not sure it has actually been on the polls either as a "wish" feature.  However, LB will match them automatically since LB will match off the ROM name. So as you noted the only way at moment is unzip and copy over to your appropriate LB image directory and then hit refesh.

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