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MAME Import Full Set Issues? 0.222


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Hi, I was trying to import my MAME 0.222 Full Set but for some reason when it gets to the final screen to parse the list of games I see nothing?  The window is blank.  I am using  v11.2.   See below the screenshots.   My first attempt was using the Import MAME Arcade Full Set wizard.   When I attempted instead to use Tools.. Scan for Added Games.. Arcade,   I get the error message.

Something seems strange I had an older set which was the exact same path but I replaced with this newer set to re scan, and this happened.   I had a v 0.198 set that seemed to important when I tried originally.  I completely emptied out the folder though before placing all the 0.222 ROMs (and .CHDS in respective subfolders).  So there shouldn't be anything in the folder causing this problem...



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There was another thread that indicated 0.222 was updated relatively recently. Unfortunately, you cannot tell by file version.  I have also found in at least in two cases on my system that I have had to do a force metadata update. For whatever reason the MAME XML file wasn't getting updated even though other metadata info was fine.  So I take as precursor practice before MAME import to just do a force update to be sure using most recent version.  Capture.thumb.PNG.adbbc3563019c11662d96b0b78c389b3.PNG

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