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Johnny T

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Hi all,

I've been trying to come up with ways to easily curate my images so that I have one good image per rom in each of the pertinent folders. i.e. one Box - 3D image per rom and one Arcade - Marquee per rom.

This started out quite well as I used xampp to allow me to run PHP script from my home PC and then wrote some code to try and remove files with the same name but with .jpg / .png extensions and also to rename files and highlight roms that didn't have images associated with them.

Also the excellent plugin Ao.Bigbox (by @eatkinola

Is an absolute god-send for helping identify improvements that can be made to your image collection.

However, I fell down a bit when trying to identify files that were duplicate but had different filenames - for instance - 


is the same as...

air-sea-battle (USA) (Proto).png

So I did a search and found "AllDup" by MTSD (Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link so I'll refrain for now - Google is your friend however). It's 'freeware' and seems brilliant for these kind of searches. It allows a myriad of granular options when searching so I've got mine set up with this condition...

alldup.png.e8e9094f2aec7d0e4c8923c3cbd5e9ca.pngI'm comparing filenames *AFTER* removing (USA) (Proto) etc... (obviously I'll add Europe / Japan et al in there too when I use it next time).

This program works an absolute treat so thought I'd share it in case others would find it useful.


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