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So I have tried searching on the internet for an answer to this problem.  I have an arcade machine (pretty freaking BA if I do say so myself...)  I have dedicated coin and start buttons (obviously) and I use the stand alone MAME for most arcade games.  However, i like to use retroarch for MAME for certain games because I can easily apply CRT looking shaders rather than trying to setup HLSL on MAME which never ends up giving me the results I want...Street Fighter 2 is one example.  The problem is I have the coin/select button mapped as the hotkey for retroarch and I cannot use the coin button to insert coins...

I started out with a raspberry pi which uses retroarch for everything and never had this problem.  I also have retropie/emulationstation on Ubuntu and also do not have this issue.  Is this a windows issue?  Actually, I don't care if it's a Windows issue as much as I hope someone else has come across this and has a solution for it.  I can always go back to using the stand alone version of MAME, but I really like the shaders for a some arcade games.  Any ideas?

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