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  1. Had the same issue. Uninstalled GeForce Experience and it seemed to solve it.
  2. Duh...lol. Thanks. I was trying to enable on the first page of the edit screen. Another qq. If I create a custom .ini file for the game and tell it no not keep aspect ratio the game boots right into it no problem. If i use the custom command line parameter -noka the game boots fine, but it has the MAME rom information screen first. Any way to auto disable that? I know we're kinda splitting hairs here as a single button press dismisses it...But just curious. Thank you
  3. So...I just tried to create a custom command line parameter and the boxes are greyed out. I know I have edited these before, do I need to turn something on before I can edit?
  4. Hi everyone. Not that this is a launchbox specific issue, but I was hoping someone would have come across this and be able to give me some help. I have installed the Windows Store version of Killer Instinct and am unable to map any controls other than the keyboard. Has anybody successfully been able to accomplish this?
  5. The cost of an older PC for strictly emulating older games should be comparable to that of a raspberry pi. I've bought plenty of used PCs on craigslist or offer up for 30 or 40 bucks and used them in Arcade1up mods for people with 0 issues...
  6. Oh sweet. I'll give that a shot. There's only a few games I'd want in that aspect ratio. This will be helpful.
  7. I was able to make Blitz 2000 full screen by copying the mame.ini and renaming it to blitz2k.ini and changing keep aspect ratio from 1 to 0 and it worked perfect.
  8. Thank you sir. Looks like I'll be google searching per game ini files MAME next...lol
  9. Hi everyone. So there are a few games for MAME that I cannot find any bezel art for. NFL Blitz 2000 is one of them. Also, since I have a 4 player cabinet I'd like to use a 16:9 apsect ratio for that game anyways to take up more of the screen. Is there a way in MAME, not retroarch with a mame core, to change the aspect ratio for a single game?
  10. Hi everyone. I am just getting LB setup on my arcade cab and having some issues with this. Do i need to use an older version of mame? Currently I am using the new and awesome Wolfanoz 2.6 TB build which I believe uses the .208 version of mame. I haven't been able to get the a and b buttons to register in the mame configuration settings. the only buttons that will register when setting up the wii mote is the + and - buttons.
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