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  1. Hey everybody. I need a little help with a script. I use Big Box on an arcade machine and am using an app called Xinput to Xarcade to turn keypresses into xbox controller buttons (couldn't get the ipac xinput thing figured out and this works really well) and I use a nifty little script to auto launch it at the start of a game and close it upon exiting the game. Some of my PC games, SFV, MKXL, MK11, do not realize the game has quit and LED Blinky doesn't quit the custom game button color animation...I would like to add a command within the script to stop and restart LEDblinky at the when I p
  2. Version 1.2 - Fixed audio on last video Favorites.m4v
  3. Version 1.1 - Fixed some video sizing issues, added a few clips, and added word Favorites Favorites.m4v
  4. I agree. I need to resize the videos in a couple of the scenes too. But overall, I'm pretty happy with my first attempt...haha
  5. Favorites Playlist Video View File I couldn't find a favorites video for my arcade machine that had all the games I love so I made one. Hope you guys like it. I found the logo for the marquee on here and found the background photo online. Submitter rom116 Submitted 03/19/2021 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  6. Version 1.2


    I couldn't find a favorites video for my arcade machine that had all the games I love so I made one. Hope you guys like it. I found the logo for the marquee on here and found the background photo online.
  7. Ok, I didn't think about PowerPoint. Thanks man!
  8. Hi everyone. I have been looking for a Favorites playlist theme video but I just can't find what I'm looking for...I guess that's because nobody knows what my favorite games are...lol. I am hoping someone could point me to a piece of software that I could use to create such a video...What are you guys using to create your own? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey everyone. Looking for a little help with LEDBlinky and Street Fighter V for Steam. Unlike most of the comments I've read, I have no issues getting my buttons to light up and stay lit when launching SFV. My issue is that when I quit SFV, the buttons are stuck. I have to launch a game which will keep the SFV button light config and then quit that game for LEDBlinky to "reset" and go back to the FE animation. It may have something to do with how I am exiting SFV. I created a script to execute the taskkill function when I press Esc to exit the game. I tried process, close, StreetFig
  10. Hey everyone. I recently built a new arcade machine and I am using IPACs for the first time, i've typically used USB encoders. I have the IPACS setup as keyboards and I noticed that the option for "Close Active Window" is missing. So I set the "Exit" command to the ESC key and all was fine. At first I didn't think it would be an issue as MAME games exit with ESC key and it takes me back to BB. But when I close MAME launched via retroarch core (some games I prefer retroarch because of the ease of shaders) it kills the game but MAME is stuck trying to close within the retroarch window. Am
  11. This did it man. Thanks a ton. This was the last "If this would just work my arcade machine would be perfect" situation I couldn't figure out. You rock!
  12. Thanks man. I'll test this out today and let you know. Happy Thanksgiving bro.
  13. Ok, so to make sure I'm clear on this. I would copy the text above into a text file and give it a name with an .exe extension and run it as an additional app? And if that is correct, can I point it to the existing .bat file? Or do I change the extension of the .bat file to an .exe file? Sorry for the noobish questions. I thought I was pretty cool when I created the .bat...lol Bat file text below c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c c:\windows\system32\TASKKILL.exe /F /IM x360ce.exe Edit- I think I am figuring it out. Create an auto hot key script that runs with each win
  14. Ok I'm back...lol Still struggling to get X360CE to auto close after exiting Killer Instinct. I am trying to use a simple .bat script that works in all other scenarios using it as an additional app that closes x360ce after the game exits. Works great. When I use it as an additional app with Killer Instinct, (Steam game launched with game .exe not through Steam) it closes X360CE right after it launches...I've tried setting up steam bootstrap (or whatever it's called) as a "game" in the Windows platform and setting up the .bat to run after the game exits but it does nothing, X360CE r
  15. Hi everyone. I just finished a cocktail machine build and to my surprise cannot find a pre-configured vertical games playlist out in the wild. Wondering if anyone has built one they wouldn't mind sharing so I don't have to start from scratch...Thanks
  16. Yeah it appears the newest version doesn't require you to place the .exe in the game folder. You just run it from a single location. I didn't even have to create a .dll file the first time I ran mine...Maybe I should try an older version because what you are describing sure would be better...lol
  17. Hey man. Thanks for attempting to help me. Here is my batch file- I have this working as intended with PS3 games which also require x360ce for my arcade joystick and buttons to work. c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c c:\windows\system32\TASKKILL.exe /F /IM x360ce.exe
  18. My bad. I won't post anywhere else. I only posted here because it seemed like the best place for it after I had already posted my own. Somewhat new to batch files and never actually used AHK. I appreciate that you cutting me some slack lol. I am interested in creating a launcher. Never heard of that but intrigued to learn more. Thanks again.
  19. Need some help guys. I tried creating a new post but this seems like it's pretty active and the right people would read it. I have an arcade cabinet and I run the steam version of Killer Instinct through Big Box. I don't use the steam link to run it, i use the actual .exe file. I use a program called x360ce to emulate and xbox 360 controller using my arcade joysticks and buttons. I have set x360ce to run as an additional app prior to launching Killer Instinct. Works great. But I am having a hard time closing x360ce after I close Killer Instinct and the x360ce UI is on top of the bi
  20. Did anyone ever figure this out? I'm trying to use a batch file to kill x360ce.exe after I exit Killer Instinct on my arcade. If i tell it to run the batch file after the game it launches the batch file right away and kills x360ce right away...If I click run before and wait until exit, nothing happens...
  21. Figured out the batch script, but can't figure out how to tell launchbox to run it after the game closes... I have x360ce to run before game, works perfect. I have the batch file set to run after the game but it runs right when the game starts and terminates the other app...I cannot click wait until exit because it's greyed out...What am i doing wrong
  22. Hi everyone. Hoping one of the arcade machine users can help a brother out... I finally got Killer Instinct (Steam Version) working with my arcade controls using an app called x360ce. (An app for mapping an input device as an xbox 360 controller) I set LB to use the .exe file and imported it as a windows game rather than importing it as a steam game if that matters to assist in providing a solution (although I don't imagine it will but you never know...) So when I launch Killer Instinct, x360ce automatically opens without any manual intervention (I don't have to set it up as an ad
  23. So I have tried searching on the internet for an answer to this problem. I have an arcade machine (pretty freaking BA if I do say so myself...) I have dedicated coin and start buttons (obviously) and I use the stand alone MAME for most arcade games. However, i like to use retroarch for MAME for certain games because I can easily apply CRT looking shaders rather than trying to setup HLSL on MAME which never ends up giving me the results I want...Street Fighter 2 is one example. The problem is I have the coin/select button mapped as the hotkey for retroarch and I cannot use the coin button t
  24. Had the same issue. Uninstalled GeForce Experience and it seemed to solve it.
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