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Arcade Cabinet Build with Big Box


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Wasn't really sure where to post this - so decided this was the best option. 

Long story - I'm modding a Marvel Arcade 1UP to include a PC with Big Box on it. I'm just trying to set-up everything on paper before I start. 

My big question is - how many menu/hotkey buttons would be adequate? I'll have a mini keyboard attached to the top of the unit, but I only want to pull that out when absolutely needed (ie: freeze, etc). I'll only be doing Arcade games and a few select console games - like fighters, etc. I'm just trying to think of how many hot keys to add to the cabinet to make this work nicely, without having to do multi-button commands (I want it easy to use for company). 

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2 hours ago, JoeViking245 said:

I'm thinking 'for company', all you'd really need is a Select and a Back button for BigBox.  And then something for 'in-game exit'.  I'm not familiar with the 1UP button layout, but a button-combo is usually best suited for this.  

Yeah, I don't wanna use a button combo cause people won't understand if I'm not around. I was thinking three buttons and that's what you seem to think too so I'll go with that!

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2 hours ago, hawkguy said:

I was thinking three buttons

That works , if you have the buttons available (or if you can simply 'add them in').  Obviously you don't want to use the players' buttons for "Escape" [exit-game].  But those  (players' buttons) can be mapped for BigBox {Select and Back] as they won't conflict for in-game.

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