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Multiple versions icon not showing up (except with MAME)


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Hi all,

Something's been bugging me for a while now, and I have no idea how to fix this (admittedly small) issue in Launchbox.

The icon for 'multiple versions' doesn't show up next to any games that have, in fact, multiple versions in my collection. In the images included with this post, it shows Contra III for SNES. This game comes in three versions in my collection: 1) the original version, 2) the hack that makes the game easier and 3) the PAL-version (Super Probotector). There are numerous instances where I have added such  'additional apps' in the form of hacks, translations, versions from different regions etc. of a particular game. Yet the icon with the purple/pink tiles that signifies multiple versions doesn't show up anywhere.

There is one exeption to this: My MAME collection (that I imported using the wizard) actually does show the different version icons where applicable (i.e. Asia, Brazil, Europe, USA, Japan versions etc.)

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? Should I do something different other than use the 'additional apps' option? Any help would be much appreciated!



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It was decided to do this because not ALL additional apps are a different version of the game, some can be apps that are told to run before or after the game to make it work properly. Because of this it only counts apps that have versions on them and only disc 1 (or none) OF those versions.

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