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Do you guys use Fanart - Background for your Bigbox setup?


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Im using the BigBox default theme with horizontal scrolling list of games, using 3d Box art, and it also uses clear logo in upper left and disc image in upper right for the loading screen

At first i was on board for using Fanart - Background as i thought it looked great in the back of the game list and during the loading / exiting screens... but its turning out to be a nightmare for so many games that have none. Out of the 150+ PS1 games i have added to collection so far, not even 1/4 can find Fanart - Background during the media scraping process at either gamesdb.launchbox, or the emumovies site. this leads me to spending tons of time scouring google trying to find some kind of wallpaper/fanart related to the game, cutting out parts/reshaping, etc to make it a decent wallpaper. 

Im at the point where i kind of dont want to bother anymore, but i already have gotten it for the 150 games i already have in the collection. IS there a way to set a single image as the "Fanart-Background" equivalent for any game on a specific platform? Id like to find one really nice quality PS1 background for all PS1 games, one nice one for Saturn, N64, etc and just move away from the Fanart per game, based on lack of it, and lack of quality on some as well (sometimes it will just be a super low res zoomed in portion of the boxart for example)

I guess just asking if that single background image for all games is possible, and advice on how you handle your backgrounds when using bigbox



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@Valkyr1983 Right click on the platform name (or playlist) and you will see images box on right. There you can set the default image for that platform/playlist. If you have no game specific fanart then it falls back to the default you pick here.  You can also do the same for Carts, Boxes, etc. In the downloads section of the forum some folks have made default boxes for various platforms which is handy. 


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Perfect thank you! this worked great. I tried finding the best system wallpaper i could, and placed in that directory, making sure they are 1920x1080 and then went through and cleaned up all the un-needed fanart-background

this is much better, looks more cohesive and eliminates dealing with bad quality fanart that was plaguing a lot of the collection

so far im not finding good examples to use for some of the more obscure systems like 32X, sega CD, etc but still working on that!

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