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Your most shocking community ratings


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Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had seen a community rating for a game and been surprised at it being so high, or so low. What made me think of it is I saw the community rating of 3.4 for Image Fight (arcade version) And I pulled a Captain Renault, I was shocked, shocked I say! Because that game is super dope! I freaking love that game. Possibly more even than that other iconic Irem shooter, if I'm honest. And Image Fight seems to be acknowledged as a classic shoot 'em up. So it was a bit of a head scratcher, when you have some truly crap games rated higher than 3.4.

Anyone else had that type of reaction to a game's community rating?

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Can I ask you a question? Was this a game that you played in the past and have nostalgia for? I tried it after reading your post and as someone that doesn't know the game to me its just another generic shmup not saying its bad but it doesn't really stand out to me. I at least got to try out a new game I had never heard of before.

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No, I've only played it recently. It plays great. Just delivers the goods as a space shooter. If it comes across as generic, it's largely due to hindsight of the many shmups that came after it, I think.  Anyway it's not really about that game per se, it was only an example to try and start a conversation, if anyone else had that "huh" kind of moment when they saw a community rating that didn't seem to line up with their opinion of the game. But, this topic seems to have largely landed with a thud. Anyhoo...


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