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Looking for a very niche plugin

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Firstly, if I'm in the wrong area, I apologize and will repost in the designated area if instructed to do so.

So, I have a Kodi+LB/BB HTPC I've been working on for sometime now. I have everything controllable using my media center remote and gamepads. I'm considering buying this awesome HDMI dongle called the pulse-eight HDMI CEC USB. I assume most people already knows what CEC is and that PC's don't natively support it(sans NUCs). In comes this neat little device. It allows the standard tv remote to control Kodi and is configurable by editing a Kodi xml. The way it works is by utilizing the libCEC library to interpret the signals received through CEC using your TV or AVR remote. Kodi has CEC integrated out of the box. This got me to asking myself, "would this be possible with launchbox/bigbox?" If someone (far more talented than I), could create a plugin that implements/intercepts CEC's signal and translates it keystrokes that LB understands, possibly with configurable controls through an ini or very basic UI. I wish I was more talented and could write a simple program to do this, I'm just a simple peasant that barely can write AHK scripts and batch files. ?. I'm looking forward to responses in regards to this. 


PS, if anybody is wondering why I want to integrate this into my setup when I have a remote setup to control everything, I am unlike many people. Lol. I love having a plethora of control options with my setup. So anybody using my setup can control it without popping an aneurysm. I have numerous 8bitdo classic controllers for each of my classic systems, DS4 for PS 1,2,3, PSP, WiiU and Switch games, Xbox 360 arcade stick for mame and other fighting games, XBONE controller+chatpad for everything in-between. I'm getting ready to take the dive and buy a Google home mini+logitech harmony hub for voice control/automation over my entire Home theater/HTPC setup (as well as lighting, for that home theater aesthetic ?) ...using the dongle I'm posting about will give me added control without having to fiddle while changing between devices. Note: whether the remote or harmony hub control is set to my AVR, TV or PC, it will (ideally) still receive the Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Escape (exit) and Back(space) key presses and the HTPC receive the corresponding keystrokes. How that made sense. Lol

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On 3/5/2021 at 1:51 AM, fraganator said:

I tested controlling LaunchBox and BigBox with the TV remote and EventGhost / libCEC, and it all works with minimal configuration. It can navigate and launch a game with only the remote, though playing a game is a little trickier!

Would you mind sharing a brief step-by-step of what you did? I have the pule-eight device, installed CEC-Tray, EventGhost and LibCEC, but nothing happens in Big Box when I press the TV remote and EventGhost is weird and scary to me.

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Hi @Corgana. Can you control anything using your remote (such as Kodi)? From memory the EventGhost script detects the arrow key events on the remote, then generates corresponding keyboard events which are sent to the currently focused application. I'll have to revisit how I set everything up - I'll export my EventGhost config and post it when I get a chance.

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Thanks for the response, I actually got it working (more or less) just with CEC-Tray, so I will revisit EventGhost at a future date.

If anyone from the future is reading- you don't actually need to plug in the HDMI pass-through as long as the Pulse-eight device's "out" is going into one of the TV's HDMI ports and it's USB plug is going into the PC. The TV doesn't care which port it's receiving the HDMI-CEC signal from apparently.

I have no idea WHY this setup worked and using the pass-through didn't, but it did work and now I can control the Windows PC with CEC-Tray (which installs with LibCec).

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