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  1. This is an understatement on my part. I would not use Launchbox if not for your great plugin!
  2. While the level of customization looks good and I'm sure is nice for some people, I can't think of a single instance where I would need anything beyond a simple "disable?" checkbox for each platform (specifically in my case, just PC games that use steam already). That said this still looks good to be and I'm looking forward to the new release!
  3. I'd like to use the advertisement flyer images in a Big Box theme I'm working on, but there's nothing in the documentation about it. How can I select for it? There are options for "ActiveGame.BackgroundImagePath" etc but none for the advertisement flyer.
  4. Thanks for the response, I did a clean install and it's sort of working. The game over screen no longer appears, but I do get a visible steam loading window for a few seconds and it flashes back briefly to the game selection screen before ultimately launching the game. Definitely not as fluid a transition as your helpful video. My PC is an AsRock Deskmini A300 with a Ryzen 3400g w/ lifetime Launchbox license. Startup and shutdown screens enabled. Retroarch is the only emulator I've tested so far but I will try to expand on that and get you a video as well shortly if I can't figure it out mysel
  5. @Lahma I thought I'd let you know, I tried it on a new machine with no antivirus and it worked fine. The only concerning thing is that startup times were pretty long. Without Steamlauncher enabled most games took a few seconds to start up. I had actually initially thought SteamLauncher was broken because I would select a game, it would display the "loading" screen for ~6 seconds, give me the "game over" and go back to the games list, but THEN after a few more seconds on the games list it would eventually start up. I'm not sure if it's something to do with Launchbox, SteamLauncher or Steam itse
  6. So I'm not 100% sure what's going on, but this seems to make my antivirus (bitdefender) think that launchbox itself is a virus? It will work fine, I can launch a game etc. Then once Big Box is exited it can't be launched again. Deleting the SteamLauncher plugin doesn't help and I have to reinstall launchbox. Happy to provide more info if you need it.
  7. I'm making a theme that loads everything instantly "as selected", but I realized for some reason when I use: <transitions:TransitionPresenter Content="{Binding ImageView}"/> It loads "once selected" throwing everything off. Now I could just do: <Image Source="{Binding Path=SelectedGame.FrontImagePath}"/> But then the box doesn't flip. I am admittedly an XAML noob, but is there a way to load the cover art "as selected" but still allow the box to be flipped? "SelectedGame.ImageView" doesn't work.
  8. Good idea, I don't suppose you have a tutorial or starting point anywhere for that- eh? I'm honestly surprised that's not something Launchbox does by default. Plus it's not like "counting the number of files in a folder" is a time-consuming task, especially since a pretty beefy computer is needed to run Launchbox smoothly already.
  9. I'm assuming that means it's not possible to write a theme that overrides it and have the GamesCount load as soon as possible? It's kind of crucial for a theme I'm doing.
  10. It's definitely doing the "once selected" behavior, if I hold down the scroll wheel it will wait to change once the wheel has settled. I tested this on a machine with only 2-4 games per system just to be sure.
  11. I'm trying to get the "Total Games Count" to load "During Selection" (instantly), it seems like there's a bug that prevents this from happening. It only loads "Once Selected" no matter how it's set. Anyone experiencing a similar issue?
  12. Hah, yes I think I confused myself. What I meant to say was add the emulator as a non-steam game, and launch it that way (via Steam) to configure the controllers in the emulator's settings. Reason being is that Steam creates "virtual" xinput devices and I've noticed it can confuse some emulators if you configure everything without Steam running (if it's a dinput device for example). For more complicated configurations yes you'll need to make a "Cemu" (for example) setting and manually load it on a per-game basis. Love this plugin, by the way. Looking forward to the BigBox fix!
  13. Came here to mention that it's not working with Big Box but I see you're already on it! Appreciate the effort! To the people wondering about a "per emulator" setting; Just add the given emulator to Steam as a "non Steam game" and configure it that way. Steam will know when you're running a game with it and use the appropriate controls (unless you change them on a per-game level).
  14. Thanks for the response, your tool is very helpful. I'm also wondering if one is able to edit the default loading screen with it?
  15. Did the option to enable box flipping ever get implemented? I have a dedicated key set to flip the game box but it's not working by default with any theme I make myself with this tool.
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