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  1. Thanks for the response, I actually got it working (more or less) just with CEC-Tray, so I will revisit EventGhost at a future date. If anyone from the future is reading- you don't actually need to plug in the HDMI pass-through as long as the Pulse-eight device's "out" is going into one of the TV's HDMI ports and it's USB plug is going into the PC. The TV doesn't care which port it's receiving the HDMI-CEC signal from apparently. I have no idea WHY this setup worked and using the pass-through didn't, but it did work and now I can control the Windows PC with CEC-Tray (which installs with LibCec).
  2. Would you mind sharing a brief step-by-step of what you did? I have the pule-eight device, installed CEC-Tray, EventGhost and LibCEC, but nothing happens in Big Box when I press the TV remote and EventGhost is weird and scary to me.
  3. Amazing thanks I had no idea! Now all I need is to be able to bind a controller button to "view sub-category"...
  4. A feature I'd love to see is custom menu hierarchies. For example when starting Big Box I'd like to see the platform list, but have "handhelds" as it's own category. Somewhat related, I'd like to be able to nest platforms together, for example putting Sega CD and 32X as sub-options under "Genesis" instead of each a separate platform.
  5. Same! I would love to see them bring Lahma on the team and have it officially integrated some day.
  6. I have the same uh... friend! Thanks for the update I'll test it out and let you know if I encounter any issues.
  7. I would just like to echo @fromlostdays sentiment, I cant live without this plugin now lol
  8. Just wanted to confirm what @Metrasher and @Aetavicus have said, it stopped working for me as well. using the most recent plugin and not using Steam beta.
  9. This is an understatement on my part. I would not use Launchbox if not for your great plugin!
  10. While the level of customization looks good and I'm sure is nice for some people, I can't think of a single instance where I would need anything beyond a simple "disable?" checkbox for each platform (specifically in my case, just PC games that use steam already). That said this still looks good to be and I'm looking forward to the new release!
  11. I'd like to use the advertisement flyer images in a Big Box theme I'm working on, but there's nothing in the documentation about it. How can I select for it? There are options for "ActiveGame.BackgroundImagePath" etc but none for the advertisement flyer.
  12. Thanks for the response, I did a clean install and it's sort of working. The game over screen no longer appears, but I do get a visible steam loading window for a few seconds and it flashes back briefly to the game selection screen before ultimately launching the game. Definitely not as fluid a transition as your helpful video. My PC is an AsRock Deskmini A300 with a Ryzen 3400g w/ lifetime Launchbox license. Startup and shutdown screens enabled. Retroarch is the only emulator I've tested so far but I will try to expand on that and get you a video as well shortly if I can't figure it out myself. Big Box → Launchbox Loading screen → Steam pop up loading window → Big Box game selection screen (1-2 sec) → Brief black screen → Retroarch loads *Also to clarify- when I said SteamLauncher wouldn't work if Steam was in Big Picture Mode, I wasn't talking about launching LB from Steam and then launching a game. If you minimize Steam while it's in big picture mode then open Big Box and try to launch a game the plugin simply does nothing and the game won't load. I have to switch Steam to desktop mode before using BigBox. This won't be a major issue for my final setup but I thought others might want to know because I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working (because currently Steam defaults to big picture mode for me).
  13. @Lahma I thought I'd let you know, I tried it on a new machine with no antivirus and it worked fine. The only concerning thing is that startup times were pretty long. Without Steamlauncher enabled most games took a few seconds to start up. I had actually initially thought SteamLauncher was broken because I would select a game, it would display the "loading" screen for ~6 seconds, give me the "game over" and go back to the games list, but THEN after a few more seconds on the games list it would eventually start up. I'm not sure if it's something to do with Launchbox, SteamLauncher or Steam itself but I thought you'd like to know. Regardless I'm very happy to see this working again with Big Box, and looking forward to seeing the finished release! Also another note: I noticed if Steam was in "Big Picture Mode" before launching, the plugin wouldn't work at all. Steam had to be in Desktop mode prior to launching (the game would eventually launch w the Big Picture Mode overlay) but for a while I thought it was still not working because I had steam in Big Picture mode.
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