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  1. @JamesBond@ge Thanks for posting the log file. It looks like there's a stray Vertical Tab character in one of LaunchBox's game/platform database files, rather than the cache manager config file. Version 1.6beta's extra exception must be catching and suppressing the exception. If you're finding 1.6beta is stable to use, I'll make it the latest stable version. Thanks for your donation offer, it's much appreciated. Please hold onto it though, I'm happy knowing that the plugin has been so useful
  2. Hi all, I'm still around I don't get a chance to play with LB much nowadays, but am happy to keep supporting ACM where I can. @JamesBond@ge I see you have verbose logging enabled - can you post the ArchiveCacheManager.log file created after this error occurs? Does it happen for all archives, or a specific archive? What version of LaunchBox are you running? Also, try backing up and then deleting the Config.xml file - it will be recreated the next time a game is run. A quick look online indicates that error might be related to XML parsing, so perhaps the config file is corrupt in some strange way. @Moukrea I haven't played with Yuzu before, or Switch emulation in general. You might try setting the <ForceHardLinks> option in Archive Cache Manager/config.xml to True: <ForceHardLinks>True</ForceHardLinks> Can you also enable verbose logging in the config file and post the ArchiveCacheManager.log file after attempting to start a Switch game with Yuzu? What error does Yuzu give you?
  3. Hi 0mnip073n7, Which version of LB are you using? I've tested it with version 9.8 and it should be working. Try double-checking the path the plugin was extracted to (all the files should be in <LaunchBox Path>/ArchiveCacheManager), and re-run Install.bat. You may also need to run Install.bat after LB has updated, as it sometimes replaces the 7z.exe file in the <LaunchBox Path>/7-Zip folder.
  4. Are you using the latest ACM version 1.5? It should support LB.Next. You might also need to re-install ACM after each new LaunchBox update. I plan on turning ACM into a proper LB plugin at some stage so this won't be an issue in future, but for now running Install.bat after a new LB update is sometimes required.
  5. No plans yet, though I see now that the feature didn't make the cut after being asked about in the previous LB poll. I'll give it some thought as to what's involved, and what would be the best end user experience. A naive, always show the picker dialog would be the simplest, but for non-merged zips that might get annoying. Maybe a per platform setting to show the picker? As I mentioned before, don't hold your breath!
  6. Thanks for the update, glad to hear both LB and ACM are working now. I did suspect a space in the path might be an issue so tested it on my end, but it all seemed to work. I'll try reproduce the exception with Box Sync.
  7. Hi azuravian, Thanks for that info. I added some exception handling for the exception plus some other mitigations. Unzip the attached 1.6 beta to the ArchiveCacheManager folder, overwriting the two existing files, then run install.bat. Let me know how you get on :) ArchiveCacheManager_1.6beta.zip
  8. Hi azuravian, thanks for detailed error report and log file. I just have a few questions: Does ACM work after you run into the initial error, without re-installing it? What version of LaunchBox are you using? Does launching a game cause the exception? (try games across different platforms) It's not entirely clear why the exception has occurred, but the fix should be straight forward. I'll update this thread when a new version is ready to test.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I meant that now that LB Next is included with official releases (not the beta releases). It's looking good btw, and very fast too.
  10. Now that LaunchBox.Next is out of beta, support has been added to the new release. I've only done some quick testing, so let me know if there any issues
  11. Thanks for the heads-up! I was out of the loop with the LB betas, but this .Next version looks nice. The archive manager plugin currently checks the calling program is either LaunchBox or BigBox, so the error you're seeing is expected. It'll be easy enough to add a check for LaunchBox.Next.
  12. @NahuelDS Not a problem, thanks for letting me know A file picker when launching a merged rom set would be useful. I'm not sure if it's beyond the scope of what this plugin is designed for, but technically it can be done. I'll have a think about whether adding to this plugin makes sense, or if it's better handled some other way. Don't hold your breath though!
  13. New version is released which adds emulator + platform file priority. See the release notes for details, but it's just a matter of adding a <Platform> tag after the <Emulator> tag, such as: <FilePriority> <Emulator>Retroarch</Emulator> <Platform>3DO Interactive Multiplayer</Platform> <Extensions>iso</Extensions> </FilePriority> <FilePriority> <Emulator>Retroarch</Emulator> <Platform>NEC TurboGrafx-CD</Platform> <Extensions>cue</Extensions> </FilePriority> Note that the <Platform> tag isn't required. If it's not present, the priority will apply to all platforms for that emulator. Let me know if there are any issues
  14. Good to hear the plugin is useful for you! I appreciate the feedback. What you're proposing should be fairly easy to add. Expect an update in the coming days
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