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  1. Hi @Corgana. Can you control anything using your remote (such as Kodi)? From memory the EventGhost script detects the arrow key events on the remote, then generates corresponding keyboard events which are sent to the currently focused application. I'll have to revisit how I set everything up - I'll export my EventGhost config and post it when I get a chance.
  2. The file extension match will only check for matches after the final period in the filename, so default.xbe won't match as it only ever checks against xbe. I saw your suggestion over on github about matching a filename which seems like a good solution.
  3. I've had this before, but it was because I somehow didn't select a platform to import under. So LB checked each rom file / game title against the entire games database, rather than a subset. It also pays to uncheck the "Remove roughly-matched duplicate images" setting, even if no media is selected. With no media downloads or checks, imports of 500+ roms take 2-3 seconds.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, glad to know that feature has proven useful Auto selecting a know good dump (via a regex or something), perhaps combined with LaunchBox's region priority, should be easy enough to add and shouldn't affect non-GoodTools sets. The idea of popping up the rom selection window when selecting the normal Play option is a good one. Choosing when to popup the rom selection window might need a few more checks. Probably a combination a configuration option to enable or disable the popup window, whether a rom has been selected before, and if the file names inside the zip are in the GoodTools style. The last check would hopefully prevent the window popping up for non-GoodTools sets (Redump, No-Intro, etc). I'll add the auto selection as a first step and go from there.
  5. Most newer TVs support HDMI CEC, which is a command message sent over the HDMI connection to each device on the HDMI 'network'. I use a Pulse8 HDMI CEC adapter with my HTPC, so when it is switched on, the TV and receiver automatically switch inputs to the HTPC. If I then switch on my PS3, it will auto switch over to that input (Bravia Sync must be enabled on the PlayStation, and the equivalent on the TV). I've not tried scripting the switch between the PS3 from the HTPC, but it should be possible. While TVs support HDMI CEC I don't think many monitors do, but if yours does this may be an option. There are probably other options involving external hardware to switch HDMI inputs, but they'd be increasingly unreliable and hacky.
  6. @Lordmonkus That was my understanding, but after testing that doesn't appear to be the case (LB bug perhaps?). Importing a duplicate file already on another platform won't work unless that option is checked. The video below shows trying to import NBA Jam.zip, where the same file exists on another console but not the console being imported to. dupe-import.mp4
  7. Did you try checking the "Force importing duplicate games" in the import wizard?
  8. Hi @Thierry6768 When you say extract the roms, do you mean just copy the roms to another folder on disk? Or actually unzip them? There is an Export/Copy ROM Files option under the Tools menu. Select all the roms in your playlist (select one, then press Ctrl+A), then use the export feature to copy the selected roms to another folder on disk. If you then want to extract them all, use something like 7-Zip. Select them all in File Explorer, then right-click -> 7-Zip -> Extract Here:
  9. Hi @enthusiast01 There are a few ways media can be tied to a game. In most cases the game title ties the two together. See this great post by @sards who goes over all the different matching criteria. In short, matching can be done based on game title, filename, stripped game title, and game ID (not the LaunchBox DB ID): So in your example with King's Field: The Ancient City, after a LaunchBox media import the media name will be King_s Field_ The Ancient City-xx.jpg, where xx is a number starting from 01. If you then rename the game within LaunchBox to King's Field 4, the media will auto rename to King_s Field 4-xx.jpg. With the disc number example, you might try name them with incrementing numbers for xx. So something like Final Fantasy VII which has three discs would be named Final Fantasy VII-01.png, Final Fantasy VII-02.png, and Final Fantasy VII-03.png. When you did the media cleanup, were the images to be removed listed as duplicates, or as not in use? (scroll to the very right of the Clean Up Media window to see the reason column in case it's not visible)
  10. I just ran across this with the Sega Mega Drive version of Aladdin. The original artwork has had a template with the black grid style slapped on the bottom, and then a clear logo thrown over the top to cover the original. Problem is it's not even very good. The apostrophe is wrong, and there's some terrible clipping going on:
  11. All good here, thanks @C-Beats.
  12. Hi @camboico. You might try a plugin I wrote called Archive Cache Manager. It will auto select the .bin file inside the .rar instead of the .cue file when launching PCSX2. Just make sure you have "Extract rom archives before running" option checked in the emulator config for PCSX2. The plugin will also keep a temporary copy of the extracted game so you don't need to decompress it every time.
  13. If you have a 'gold' set of xml files you're restoring from, you could use a batch file to copy them and then launch LB/BB. Here's a quick batch file which will recover from a backup file, then run LaunchBox. The backup file has been copied from the Backups folder to the top level LaunchBox folder, and renamed to Restore.7z. The batch commands below are saved to a file named Restore.bat, also in the LaunchBox folder. If you then run Restore.bat, it will extract Restore.7z to your Data folder, then run LaunchBox. I've done a quick test with the batch file and it works, but make any backups before running it just in case. @echo off ThirdParty\7-Zip\7z.exe x Restore.7z -oData -y -aoa Start LaunchBox.exe
  14. I imagine LaunchBox will throw a bunch of internal exceptions, and things like play count or last played info won't be updated. That said, it sounds like LaunchBox's data backup feature will handle your use case of potential corruption. It's enabled by default under Tolls -> Options -> Data -> Backups, and will create a snapshot of your data folder every time LaunchBox starts and exits. It keeps a rolling set of up to 25 backups. The backups can then be restored through the Tools -> Restore Data Backup menu.
  15. Also confirming the missing icons. Plugin icons also seem to be unaffected.
  16. Thanks for this bit of info. Just today I had an incorrect import, where the PS1 version of Final Fantasy VII (Europe) was being picked up as a Chinese rom hack. I thought I'd messed up the regions before realizing the game metadata was incorrect.
  17. Hi @sirpigpin To add to @zugswang's answer, search from the top level PS1 rom folder using the highlighted search field in File Explorer. That will then list only pbp files. Once the search is complete, select them all and drag them into LaunchBox to be imported. In this case you're probably best off removing all the PS1 games from LaunchBox first, then importing them again. The same technique can be used for any file type, including gdi or cue files.
  18. Hi @unexpectedpanda - I just ran across your tool yesterday on github and it's exactly what I needed. I'm currently working on a multi console region LaunchBox setup, and using Retool to come up with USA, Europe, and Japan lists for some No-Intro sets. The results are excellent. The clone lists and extra filter options also really help pare down the results. Really great work
  19. Thanks for the quick response, it looks great
  20. These are really great, thanks @phenix14000! Would it be possible to get an updated version of Crash Bandicoot? The source artwork looks to be this scan, which is a bit washed out. I noticed it in the LB games database and have since submitted a better scan.
  21. Hi everyone, Version 2.0.7 is ready for download. This version includes a couple of new features: Badge for cached games. Also includes Simple White and Neon style badges to match your theme. Enable it under the Badges->Enable Archive Cached menu. The ROM file selected using the "Select ROM In Archive..." menu is automatically loaded the next time that game is played (thanks @Jerre for not asking )
  22. Hi @vinylgamer What file format are your Sega CD games in? I just tried a zipped bin+cue version of Spider-man vs Kingpin, and LaunchBox is able to load it with RetroArch. Is there any difference in file formats between the working and non-working games? Are they zipped, or just files on disk? I know some Sega CD roms are data + audio files, and it may be LaunchBox is trying to load the audio file with RA instead of the data file.
  23. Hi @ReignerDeustcher, I was able to disable the highlight by copying and editing an existing theme. Go to LaunchBox\LBThemes, then copy and paste the Default folder to duplicate the theme. Rename the copy to something like Default - No Hover. In the Default - No Hover folder, find the file Views\BoxesContentView.xaml, then right-click and select Edit. Press Ctrl+F and find the line <Border x:Name="Highlight" CornerRadius="4" Background="#18FFFFFF" Visibility="Collapsed" Edit the line so Background="#18FFFFFF" now reads Background="#00FFFFFF". Save the file, then close Notepad. Start LaunchBox. In the Tools->Options window, select Visuals > Theme on the left. On the right change the theme to the new Default - No Hover theme. Restart LaunchBox. Hope that helps!
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