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I'll try to explain what I am searching but I dont know the right definition.

When I load bigbox I can explore my platforms, then I choose a platform and I see the game list.

In some platform I can see a background image with the logo "Nes" on top, for example", and a background image (Mario for example) while scrolling games. In some platforms, or playlist I see a black background with the BigBox logo on top.

So I think I am missing some media but I dont know which is the right folder or procedure to insert that media.
I am not sure, I think I am using Unified theme (that's the name that appear in option, I dont know where to check it). I am using default setting for that theme and I think that if for all platforms is working maybe it does not depend. Anyway in theme option I can set an image background, but I fear that it'll set it up for any platforms.

I know that I am a bit confused, but maybe someone can help me.

Thank you!

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If you are using Unified theme you may be missing images or have mis-named platforms. That theme does not come with all background and logo images. The theme creator made a bunch but not all anyone would need. Also, the images are named to more common platform names. So if you named your NES platform NES and not Nintendo Entertainment System it will not show the background and logo image. 

Those background image are a combination of files located in \Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\Background and also the Logo folder. 

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