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Clones games or dif version not showing


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Ok I can not find a topic on this but I am having problem showing different version of same game in Launchbox. So I have The king of fighter 2003 the I have the booleg version 2004 and 2004 plus these two are clones diff versions of parent 2003 when I add it to launchbox it seen like it added it but ai cannot see it anywhere. And when I search for it still cannot find them. Any tips/help on this. I know its probably something simple but I’m still new to Launchbox  

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5 hours ago, JoeViking245 said:

Sounds like the games may have gotten combined (added as "Additional Apps" to the parent game).  Try right-clicking on your "The King of Fighters 2003" and see if they show up there.  (I think somewhere near the top of the menu that pops up, it'll show something like "Play.....")

You are right. It look like kof98 got combine. But kof2003 did not. If I got into my game directory I see a zip file name kof2003.zip, I also see kf2k3pl.zip, kf2k3upl.zip and kf2k5uni.zip these last 3 version of kof2003 should be showing up as the king of fighter 2004 plus, 2004 ultra plus and 2003 bootlet

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Don't know what to say about the 2003/2004 variants.  1st thing [I suppose] is to do a search (near the upper left hand corner is a search box) and type in "King of Fighters".  If you did a Full import, included clones and imported separately you'd see about 58 games.  Obviously it'll be less since they weren't imported separately.  Maybe about 19 games.

You could right-click all those and see if they (the 2003/2004 ones) somehow ended up inside one of those.  Or change the search to "King of Fighters 200" to narrow it down to the 2000 series.  Or even search directly for "King of Fighters 2003" or "King of Fighters 2004".

I don't know if the search box looks for "Addition Apps" or not.

If it comes down to, they're truly not the there, you can always drag-and-drop the roms into LaunchBox to manually import them.

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