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The Papaw-Startup Theme (4K Tested)

The Papaw

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The Papaw-Startup Theme (4K Tested)

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This is a redux of the awesome "Just Simple Startup Theme". A Big thanks to BlazingRyuu for his contribution and allowing me to share a modded version of it. It was designed for 4K, but seems to work fine on 1080 as well.

The backgrounds are from the game itself and pulled from the Fanart Backgrounds folder
Animated loading bar (it loops for slower systems)
Nice small 3D Box in the upper left corner (will default back to 2D Box if no 3D is available)
Nice small clearlogo in upper right corner
Play count on bottom right corner

There are now 3 versions of the "Default.xaml file. Small, Medium and Large. They change the size of the Boxart in the upper left hand corner. Rename the one you wish to use to "Default.xaml". 

The screenshots show the small cornered artwork. I added a couple more screenshots at the end that show the medium and large box arts.

Unzip and drop the "The Papaw-Startup Theme" folder into your ..\Launchbox\StartupThemes\ folder. (Folder name has to remain The Papaw-Startup Theme)
Choose the Box art size you wish to use by picking the correct Default.xaml file aand making sure it is named to Default.xaml (will default to Medium)

The Roboto-Light font is included in the font folder if you wish it to match the screenshots. To install it on your PC (just click on it and follow the Windows prompts)

Choose it in the BigBox Options. That's pretty much it.

If you have a platform that doesn't work, make a copy of the "Default.xaml" and rename it to the problem platform and give that a try.

I also did a remake of the of the "Big Fade" Pause theme to go along with this startup theme, the only changes made too it was I changed the font to match this and it now pulls the Fanart Backgrounds artwork instead of screenshot artwork.
Pause theme I modded to match this: The Papaw-Pause Theme

Don't forget to rate and leave comments and questions!



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