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  1. Well, I have gotten sidetracked and no time to play with this, but still haven't gotten it working
  2. I had just done that. I think I found the issue. I have shortcuts in the Script_Files directory, gonna have to add .lnk ( DS4W_Off.bat.lnk ) to it and start again. Gotta get grandson ready for school...be back shortly
  3. No, still doesn't execute to the bat file. I removed the space in "Script Files", changed to Script_Files and tried that as well. Giving me "D:\Gaming\Apps\Launchbox\Script_Files\DS4W_Off.bat"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." in both cases.
  4. Still not working, not getting OS error though, just start screen and back to LB. I tried REMing (remark) out all lines but the 1st one, to see if will just kill DS4W and it doesn't. (what is the /c switch and the ",," for?) Things have changed a bit and my DOS skills are pretty old...haha
  5. Just getting time to try this, but isn't working. Maybe you can shed some light on it or catch something I am doing wrong. Here is the batch file I am trying to run: Run, D:\Gaming\Apps\Launchbox\Script Files\DS4W_Off.bat RunWait, "D:\Gaming\Emulators\RPCS3\rpcs3.exe" %1% Run, D:\Gaming\Apps\Launchbox\Script Files\DS4W_On.bat ExitApp LB is going to the theme start screen, then throwning error: "An error occured while trying to launch the game: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform."
  6. Thanks for replying. Not using any IFTTT, most is all done local with Hubitat Hub. I am re-thinking all this before I start it. With all the recent rounds of buggyness with LB/RA and controllers, ya know? Currently I am starting DS4W before launching BB, so it is configured to use DS4W as well are the emulators I use. Maybe I should start over. LB is the root of the tree, so to speak, so I am thinking if I do it the current way, when I kill the DS4W process say to play PS3 games, when I exit a game, LB is going to be messed up. I am beginning to think it isn't going to work doing it system wide? Even if I re-do everything to not use DS4W, then call it say for Wii U, everytime I exit a game, LB will probably mess up. I might be stuck trying to do something on a game-by-game basis. Not sure how I would do that either..lol
  7. I mainly use DS4 controllers most of the time and use DS4Windows with most of them. But there are times when I want to use the DS4 controllers on the PC without using DS4Windows. A few PC games that don't like DS4W and when playing PS3 games using RPCS3 emulator. I do a lot of home automation, and I can get a bit crazy with some of it. For example, I have a 55" 4K TV hanging on my bedroom wall over my gaming PC, If I am on working on the PC and decide I want to play games, I just say, "Alexa, let the games begin" (I actually have it done all local without Alexa or GH, but everyone knows how Alexa works). Through my routines and my HA toys, my lights will adjust, TV will switch to appropriate HDMI source, a couple programs will excecute on the PC to switch the primary display to the 4k, dim the monitor, etc. Start DS4W, and launch Bigbox (which will now be on the 4K) and it's ready to go. All I have to do is grab the controller from the charger on my way back from the coffee pot and it is ready for me to kick back and play. (yes, I know, LAZY) Ok, now to my question. Is there a way I can execute my batch file that closes/kills the DS4Windows process when I play any game in a particular system, say PS3. I know it can be done on a per game basis, but how about a entire system? I mainly need this for Play Station 1,2,3 emulation. Thanks in advance
  8. Here is something I found and do every so often and reduces my images folder to almost half the size. When you add games and artwork is scraped, it's a crap shoot as to what format and size you are going to get. Might be jpg's, might be png's, etc.. And the image sizes??? They can be very tiny to HUGE in file size (both physical size and pixel size) . I use a program called FS-Image Editor (FS=FastStone I think). It's free and still updated regularly. It's suppose to be for photos but works with most all images. It allows you to re-size or convert images real easy. One at a time or batch, batch (whole folder at a time) is the key here. If you have a big collection, it will take a little time to do it the first time. I have almost 8tb of game data, so it took me a bit to figure it all out and do it the first time. Start with one system, say Atari 2600, use FS-Image Editor to navigate to where you have say your "Front" images. Decide on the size & format you would like them to be, The 2600 games came in a taller box, where most of our fronts/poster images come from. (I had tried finding the original sizes of the boxes/cases at one time and calculating the actual dimensions/pixels, but eventually gave up on it.) Anyways, so with the taller posters like the 2600 uses, I went with like 675x1000s and used jpg format. I let FS-Image Editor save them to a new temp folder, that way I could look at them before any changes were made in LB. Usually they look great, Every no and again, someone will upload an odd image and it may look funny stretched but can easily be replaced. After I look at the new ones, I delete what's in the "Front" folder in LB for that system and just cut-n-paste the new ones in. Done, never need to touch again, until new games are added. (FS-Image Editor is fast too, I think it took like 1 minute to resize and convert 24,000 images use in one of my mame folders) Most of the fanart (background) images are 1920x1080. I resize all of them to 960x560 using jpg format. I think I use something like 500x600 for the more square type covers, like PS2 or PS3 games. Depending on all the type of images you scrape in will be how much time it will take you to go through everything. You will be amazed how much you can decrease the size! And wow, does it look so much nicer! Something else I check is the videos that have been downloaded, I browse through them and just double check the file size. You might be amazed how many of them are pretty big. When I find one, I usually just do a simple search for the game with trailer in the search and find a smaller 1-2 minute trailer and replace it. I usually try to download webm video files when I can instead mp4 files as they are usually smaller in size. But in the end, it is always personal preference. On PC games, I usually search for them on Steam and I use IDM to download trailers there in webm format. And as always, make backups before replacing anything. I run LB on most of my at 4k and a couple @1080 and it looks amazing, clean and I think actually make LB/BB a teeny bit faster running. Maybe this will help ya out a bit, others too!
  9. I have been getting for a few weeks now, sttarted with maybe to betas back
  10. Please disregard the star issue, I found out what was going on, error on my part, so sorry
  11. Thanks for replying @Retro808. Yes, just for an individual game, in the notes (description) field. Like "Requires 360 controller". How about in a custom fields, do they support it?
  12. I have a game that I would like to make part of the description bold and red, is there a way to use html or BB code to do it? What I have tried hasn't worked.
  13. @viking I am not sure if it is a bug or not. When you are veiwing a game, why will it only show 1 player? I have tried different combinations and nothing works but single player for me. For example, a 4 player game, I have tried: 4 1-4 1-4-Players 4-Player Alternating Local Co-op Local Co-op (Splitscreen) Local Multi-Player along with - Single Player Nothing works for me but Single Player Screenshot Is there anything I should check? It works fine in other themes I have tried. Also noticed if I had no Star Ratings, then download them in LB, they are not showing in BB, they are in LB Is there any type of cache files I can delete other than the images??
  14. @minimar: Question 1. Are you using controllers with or without DS4Ws? Question 2. Are you using Win 10 or something else? I would go into BB > options > Controller Mapping, check to see what is in the Exit field. If something is there, you might want to blank it out for testing. When I set my DS4 controllers up, I had to blank out most everything in there and start from scratch to use them. I have 2 of them working great. Also had them working with older version of DS4Ws but no longer using it at the moment. Oh yeah, make sure when you select a button to map that you hit <ESC> on the keyboard to default it back to NONE before going on to map the new button to what you wish
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