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  1. Please disregard the star issue, I found out what was going on, error on my part, so sorry
  2. Thanks for replying @Retro808. Yes, just for an individual game, in the notes (description) field. Like "Requires 360 controller". How about in a custom fields, do they support it?
  3. I have a game that I would like to make part of the description bold and red, is there a way to use html or BB code to do it? What I have tried hasn't worked.
  4. @viking I am not sure if it is a bug or not. When you are veiwing a game, why will it only show 1 player? I have tried different combinations and nothing works but single player for me. For example, a 4 player game, I have tried: 4 1-4 1-4-Players 4-Player Alternating Local Co-op Local Co-op (Splitscreen) Local Multi-Player along with - Single Player Nothing works for me but Single Player Screenshot Is there anything I should check? It works fine in other themes I have tried. Also noticed if I had no Star Ratings, then download them in LB, they are not showing in BB, they are in LB Is there any type of cache files I can delete other than the images??
  5. @minimar: Question 1. Are you using controllers with or without DS4Ws? Question 2. Are you using Win 10 or something else? I would go into BB > options > Controller Mapping, check to see what is in the Exit field. If something is there, you might want to blank it out for testing. When I set my DS4 controllers up, I had to blank out most everything in there and start from scratch to use them. I have 2 of them working great. Also had them working with older version of DS4Ws but no longer using it at the moment. Oh yeah, make sure when you select a button to map that you hit <ESC> on the keyboard to default it back to NONE before going on to map the new button to what you wish
  6. I would like to see some additions to the context menu system. Like when right clicking on a game in LB, have an additional item called something like Copy Game Info, and that option would branch out into a few more choices like: Game Name, Game Path, Game System, Emulator Used, etc... Make it work something like the existing "Image Group" does, but allow you to say right click on a game, the choose the new option that would allow you to copy the game name or path into the clipboard to past it somewhere else, like a web page, spreadsheet or text file. I would think this would be a pretty easy thing to do, but who knows?
  7. Yes Sir, it works fine. Just the exit issue via controller. Yeah, you hit Esc on keyboard it exits right out of emulator back to BB.
  8. @Jason Carr: I want to give you a big pat on the back and say thanks for all the headaches you have been going through. Also wanted to let you know, since updating to 10.6 beta-2 I have gotten multiple controllers working well, I have tested with x2-PS4 controllers with the following emulators running via LB/BB. (same great results using x2-360 wireless and MS dongle) RA v1.7.9 Dolphin (Beta-monthly) PPSSPP - Gold RPCS3 - updated couple days ago Cemu - v1.15.15b PCSX2 v1.5 - 3302 What I have checked so far, of course is playing games, as well as: volume +/-, pause/exit menus. Everything is running great so far except for PCSX2 not liking to exit with controller. BB is going to the exit screen, but when you select exit, it just return to the game and BB is no longer responds to the controller, you either have to ALT/TAB to BB or hit Esc on the keyboard to exit PCSX2, then BB is there and functions correctly. I know it has always been problematic in the past. Do you know of anything I can try to correct this? I have this for the Running AutoHotkey Script: ; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } I have this for the Exit AutoHotkey Script: ; PCSX2 has an ugly exit process; this cleans it up visually Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} Any thoughts or ideas from anyone would be appreciated.. FYI to others. I had ordered 4 Switch Pro Controllers from Amazon, they were not genuine, they would not pair to PC, just a heads up. I still have more testing, more emulators, going to re-connect my VR stuff and 2nd monitor and see how that all goes. Will post if issues
  9. I think RA is focusing on the Android side right now more than the PC, I let it automatically update to 1.7.8 on my android devices and caused me nightmares on 3 shield devices. I had to delete everything concerning emulation on all of them and rebuild everything from scratch using 1.7.7, took me a couple days, was not happy. Also have had issues since 1.7.8 no longer seeing any of my mapped windows drives. Even done a net use script and it works, but only after PC is completely booted up, then run my script (batch file with RA see mapped drives. Of course everything else on the network see the mapped drives fine. I see they have 1.7.9 out now and I won't let anything update until I see how other folks are faring with it. I am a HUGE supporter of RA, but I am not sure whats going on with them at the moment??
  10. Speaking for myself and my issue, the problems started in 10.? beta and continued through the 10.5 release, thus I would think it was in the appropriate location, ya know?
  11. I absolutely love this theme and the videos. I check regularly for updates... One thing I really dislike is the poster on the game view. To me, it blocks the game's video way to much.. Can I edit the code somewhere to move its location or stop it displaying on this screen??? Or maybe consider this in the next release maybe??? Again, incredible, amazing work!!!
  12. @neil9000Well, I was about to get into the BIOS and disable the onboard BT but you gave me an idea to try first and it fixed it, well sorta. Since I had everything removed/unplugged concerning input devices, I went into the control panel, removed everything that had to do with controllers. Rebooted machine, paired the PS4, started DS4W (any version) and wallah, all is working again. So it had to be something to do with windows and maybe the device ID or controller # Windows is assigning or something (don't know enough about it to say)??? So I plugged back in the generic 360 controller and guess what, it no longer works in LB/BB, which is fine. I am not sure if has something to do with the device ID's or not, but I am assuming it is something with how Win10 is saving each device and then LB/BB is then trying to use them, whether is be controller#, device id or what? I did a little reverse engineering, if I delete/remove everything again in the control panel. Plug in the dongle for the generic 360 before pairing the PS4, the generic 360 works in LB, but the PS4 will not, if I pair the PS4 before I introduce the generic 360, the PS4 controller works and the 360 won't in LB/BB (only after removing everything in the control panel first in both cases).....maybe this will help a bit for others and Jason. Try removing all controllers from windows control panel, reboot and then re-pairing them.
  13. I tried as you asked, here is what happens: 1. Unplugged all dongles pertaining to input devices except for Logitech mouse/keyboard. 2. Plugged in PS4 using USB cable. PC recognizes and does its thing as you stated "Wireless Controller" (it was already doing that wireless), I let windows finish detecting. 3. Started DS4W (tried newest version first). Started BB. As you said, not configured correct, BB does see it as Wireless Controller (was doing that wireless, but no function at all in LB) (when it wasn't paired, LB would only show an option for 360 controller, but when paired, would show both) 4. It is working via USB, of course, as you stated not configured right. Okay, you can take a deep breath Jason, I think I have eliminated LB as the culprit. It may be something to do with this system specific. My main system is pretty new, the one I am having problems with, I just built it a few months back. It is a Z390 Taichi MB. Any ways, I took a mirror copy of my LB and put it on a Dell 7010 (it uses a BT dongle for BT, the Taichi BT is on the MB, not saying this is the issue, but is one of the differences (I have made sure the BT drivers are up-to-date on Taichi). The PS4 controller works just like it is suppose to on the Dell 7010 in LB using the mirror copy of files. I might see if I can disable to onboard BT in the BIOS and try the dongle along with a few other things....anyways, I think you can relax on this one my friend....
  14. This controller thing has been a nightmare for many of us, but I know especially for Jason and any one working on it. I have tried to get a genuine PS4 controller to work for 2 days now using DS4W. I can't get LB or BB to recognize it period!!! I was originally running DS4W v1.4.94 (only version I can get the gyro would work in cemu and RPCS3, every time I tried to update it, I couldn't get the gyro to work). Things I have tried: Trying different version of DS4W from v1.4.52 all the way up to v1.5.8 deleting the InputBindings.xml in the LB data folder deleting and reinstalling the 360ce drivers Set up a blank copy of LB 10.1 I have a generic wireless chinese 360 controller with its own dongle, it works, I have a couple barely working official 360 controllers using the MS dongle, they work. I am about to give up on the PS4 controller. I had just ordered 4 Switch Pro controllers to try and replace everything I am using so they would have the gyro using BetterJoyForCemu...I am scared, scared, scared. Did I say I was scared? Of course every controller I have works as expected everywhere except in LB or BB....they work in the emulators, RA, everything. Did I mentioned I was scared? And added to that, I can take the exact same PS4 controller, pair it to my shield, run moonlight (course it uses it own controller stuff), it runs BB fines, now check this out, I take the same PS4 controller and pair it back to my PC, run DS4W v1.4.94, take my shield REMOTE or shield controller, navigate to moonlight, launch it, start BB (I have a shortcut to BB in moonlight) and as soon as I do, the PS4 controller PAIRED to the PC, will run BB, emulators, even the GYRO in Cemu works like I was playing on the PC. Of course it has the moonlight lag and all.... The Switch Pro controllers are suppose to be here tomorrow, maybe they will be okay, right guys???? Did I tell you I was scared?????? hahaha
  15. @Jason Carr: I know you are being swamped with the controller issues, can you tell me what version of ds4w you are testing with?
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