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  1. I no nothing about AHK, can someone tell me what I need to run a batch file? I am wanting to run a batch file using a AHK script within LB/BB before an emulator starts.
  2. How would you run a bat file from inside of BB? Wouldn't this just be a normal Windows bat file? I would think there would be a simple way using a AHK script under the emulator settings "Running AutoHotKey Script" and "Exit AutoHotKey Script" Can you run bat files in the emulator settings "Running AutoHotKey Script" and "Exit AutoHotKey Script"?
  3. I have a larger PC setup in a bedroom, above it hangs a 55" 4k big screen TV also connect to the PC. I use a Hubitat hub for my home automation with Alexa/Google Home and my own personal voice setup so I can use voice commands without internet. So using Alexa as an example, here is what I do to play games: I give Alexa a command to tell my computer to play games, this triggers an Alexa routine that will change the HDMI source on the TV, then it runs a program on the PC that runs a batch file I created that will launch 3 applications, 1) Run DS4W; 2) App to change the video and audio sources the PC will use; 3) then runs BB. Then I have another bat file to put things back. The order you have would work so long as it doesn't close and open LB/BB each time. I have a large library and it takes a minute or 2 to load each time. That is why I am looking for a way to do it within LB/BB The paths I am using are: RPCS3 = D:\Gaming\Emulators\RPCS3\rpcs3.exe DS4W = D:\Program Files (Portable)\DS4Windows\DS4Windows.exe I attached the bat file I run on the PC to start things on the PC side Play Games.bat
  4. Thx for the reply. I need to run DS4W when using emulators such as Cemu, Yuzu and now Dolphin in order for the gyro functions to work with them. With RPSC3, I don't need it. I have been running a batch file in my homeautomation setup to start DS4W when it switches everything to TV, but I don't know how to kill it from within BB. Say I am playing something that is using DS4W in Yuzu in BB, then I quit that game and want to go to a PS3 game without using DS4W. I don't know how to kill it before launching a game that uses the RPSC3 emulator....
  5. I am looking for a way to run DS4Windows with a particular emulator or game as well as a way to kill it on exit if it is running. The main issue I am trying to overcome is some PS3 games use the gyro features with a DS4 controller using RPSC3, but if DS4Windows is running, the gyro features don't work if I set up the controllers with it running, it thinks I am using 360 controllers. I started scrolling through the AHK scripts, but there are so many to go through (it would be nice if they could be put in sub-categories maybe???). Any suggestions on how I might do this??
  6. I updated my post about the same time you replied....lol (see above what developer had just told me about the switches). You provided some great info to know as well, ty I wasn't sure if this may have been a beta issue or not, since it had previously worked, if possible, maybe the post can be moved out of beta?
  7. Thx Retro, I finally got it working again, sorta. I can't use any of the "switches" in the custom commands though. I had to delete the emulator, then re-add it to get it to work with LB. I am trying to use a couple switches from the Xenia Github, namely trying to turn vsync off and toggle fullscreen on. I was using this: "-vsync=false -fullscreen" , without quotes, but that isn't working anymore. I have tried various ways just trying to get the fullscreen to work, any ideas? UPDATE: I got it working, heard back from developer, it now requires x2 "-" rather than 1. IE: --fullscreen or --vsync=false, etc..
  8. Not sure when this happened, I have been using Xenia (canary) for a Xbox 360 emulator. It isn't launching any more from within LB or BB. I have checked the paths to the emulator and roms and they look good. I have tried with and without a custom command line "-vsync=false -fullscreen". It will start the startup screen, then just returns to LB. I have tried disabling startup & pause screen, that didn't help either. BTW, all is fine running straight from the emulator. Can someone else let me know if it's working for them?
  9. If I am reading your post correctly, you are setting up your "custom command" per table. I only set it in the emulator, then all my tables work (got around 1300+) and no need to worry about the table name. (/open %romfile% /play /exit). I AM STILL using official v11.3, bit afraid to update to new beta at this time. I can get "exit to LB/BB" to work, but can't get a pause or exit screen to work yet. I use PS4 controllers as you do (with DS4Windows), I haven't spent much time on it recently, but am hoping it is just getting the controller mapped so it isn't using the same buttons mapped in BAM or FP. I have been re-doing my FP library creating custom box art and clear logos. I hope to upload a setup guide with all the tables and media after I get the media work done. Here is a screenshot of what I have for my custom command in the emulator, I use nothing on the individual tables. Maybe this will help ya. I tested the 4 table you mention, and they are working for me,
  10. Thank you Retro808, I actually looked at that, but I didn't realize the media paths were actually down below the platforms. Just took a quick glance at it and when it went to the next platform I moved on looking into different xml files.
  11. Been looking for a XML file I can edit platform paths for videos, boxart, discs, manuals, music, etc.. Can anyone let me know the name & location of it? Or is there not one?
  12. Yes, it is fixed for me. Looking at a older backup file, it looks like the path had an extra "space" in it. It was this: Z:\LaunchBox Data Files \Videos\Windows - (I have no idea how, but I had an extra space after "Files" and before the "\"; and should have been this: Z:\LaunchBox Data Files\Videos\Windows I guess moving the videos to different hdd, changing the platform in LB to reflect it, then putting it back to original drive, then editing the platform again in LB corrected it. I can't believe the amount of time I spent to run down something like an extra space in a path....or why it had been working for months until v11.3 beta's came out. You're the greatest, thanks for hanging in there with me....
  13. @Jason Carr Hey bud, Just thought I would let ya know. I'm still having the lock up problem with BB in my Windows platform using the CritialZones with the 11.3 Official release. I went back to v11.2 and everything works fine. I was going to update thru each beta version to see if I could narrow anything down with a particular beta version, but the problem was re-introduced with the first update (11.3.1). Then I deleted, tried installing 11.2 and doing a update straight to 11.3. Still has the problem. I have removed all custom playlists, platform videos, playlist videos, plugins, pause and startup themes, I am Just installing LB and copying over my data folder. It sure has me stumped. Just thought I would let ya know. If I didn't have over 400 Windows games, I would try deleting the platform and adding back, but that would takes days to manually add them all back. @Jason Carr UPDATE: I found where the problem is coming from, sorta. It has something to due with me storing my video snaps on a mapped RAID drive. For some reason it is only affecting the Windows platform, as all other are working okay on the same drive. If I move the Windows video snaps to any other drive (including a different non-RAID mapped drive, both the CriticalZones work just fine. SO I am assuming that the RAID drive is affecting it somehow since testing on other mapped drives is working??? Well, after further investigation, it some paths in my "Platforms.xml" all along, not RAID drive. So sorry for all the trouble & headache Jason
  14. Well, if it helps any, since I installed fresh, appears to only be related to Windows platform, so I am not sure I agree it is a system stability issue. If that were the case I would think it would do it on all platforms or on all themes, ya know? Things that DID work: 1. Changing the Game list view to anything other than Vertical 3 2. Just about any other theme I have tried (don't know of another theme that does the full size videos like CriticalZones). I believe it has something to do with how the CritialZones are playing the videos in full screen or maybe something in how the code that is calling it to do that, I really don't know. There is some type of conflict with it somewhere, I am trying to find another theme that does full screen and see if that can help see if it is maybe some type of up-scaling issue from Windows or something. I am running Win 10 (w/2004 update, 1080ti with updated Nvidea driver (08-17-20) I did try WMP and it does the same thing. UPDATE: I just tried Unified Redux with Game list Vertical view 4 and it works fine as well, it does the full screen similar to CriticalZone (as far as displaying, not sure how it is called)
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