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  1. I know the official version has been released, but thought maybe I should post here since it comes from changes in this beta version. Something that would be really nice is when you are running the Media Cleanup (and it takes so long to run), you are able to minimize LB, currently you can minimize it's cleanup progress window, but it isn't doesn't minimize LB along with it as most apps do.
  2. 1. When I would add say a windows game manually, I would start with clicking the "ADD" button, then I would go to the browse to enter the path to the game, most of the time if the games executable was the same as the game title, it would auto populate the Title for ya. All you would have to do is click on the search for media button. Now when I do the same procedure, I have to copy and paste the title of the game into the title field before I can search for the media (and now they are in 2 different places) 2. When I finish adding a game manually, use to, when you would click OK, the dialog box would go away and return you to LB, but it would focus on the game you just added. Now it just returns you back to the top.
  3. @Jason Carr: Hey Jason, I know sometimes some of us may complain about some of the changes (me included), and sometimes you catch a bunch of flack from some of the community, but I want ya to know I thing you do an incredible job with most of your decisions. A couple things that worked in LB 10 that I miss though are, when you add a new game manually, it would try to guess the name of the game and fill it in for you and it would also focus on that game when you said OK. Will those things come back as you work on this beta? You do an absolutely incredible job with LB, be proud dude, I know even most of complainers are....haha
  4. It is much more work and time to add games manually that's for sure, I agree with Mr.Laor so far. I just added a couple Windows games and it didn't find default videos I had previously placed in appropriate folder. The .webm extension wasn't in the default extensions, had to change drop-down to "all files" to find them. (I get a lot of videos from Steam). I'm sure that is an easy fix though. Also noticed when you add a game manually, LB doesn't refresh to where the newly added game is, you have to scroll down to find it
  5. Only other things I can find on my system is I am using a 32gb Optane module for a internal 8TB drive and LB itself is on that drive (not the media). I do have the drive with the media attached to NAS using SMB share so I don't have multiple copies of TB's of data. Anything similar on your end?
  6. I am trying to see if I can find the issue, looking into if maybe it is because I am storing the media on a raid drive that is mapped. How about you?
  7. @Jason Carr Thanks Jason, I think you're probably right, it might be a permissions issue, I definitively need to look into that, again thank you sir.
  8. It's cool, I mentioned this as well. Actually, even in previous releases.
  9. LOL, not angry at all. Since this is something to do with beta, should it not be posted here? New Feature: The Clean Up Media process has a new option to scan images for rough matches. This new option can make the clean up media process take an extremely long time, but will save you loads of disk space in your collection, especially if you download media both from the LaunchBox Games Database and from EmuMovies. The process identifies duplicate images in your collection even if they are different sizes, faded, etc. The largest duplicate image is kept, and the rest are listed for deletion. But surely not angry at all, hope it doesn't appear that way. Just reporting. Screenshots are from 2nd attempt
  10. @Jason Carr: Hey Jason, I just tried running the Clean Up Media process using the new option to scan images for rough matches. After a few hours of scanning (large collection), I noticed the MOVE option. So I gave it a whirl assuming it would allow me to move the files to a directory rather than deleting them, it prompted me for a directory and I selected one I created for it, then it gave me a message that only 2 files were moved, it couldn't move the rest as they were in use. BTW, my most of my media is NOT stored in the default locations. I checked the folder that was used for the "move to", and nothing was there, not even the 2 files. I am scanning again, thought I would let ya know.
  11. Is it possible, or is it possibly a future feature that we can import an older theme in the app to modify it?
  12. Looks like we are in for some cool updated to LB. I wish it were possible to do Clean Media on a single platform, multiple platforms or everything, not just everything, ya know? I am excited about the video snap feature and can't wait to see what it will and will not do....thanks Jason
  13. I just did it the hard way, thank you to those that replied
  14. What about something like these: I have most of the systems done, but still a work in progress You can download them here:
  15. I was sure hoping the fading box cover was gonna make it in this release from your to-do list. Maybe next release....😭. Thanks @viking for the awesome changes
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