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  1. I know this isn't the feature request thread, but I would still love to see a couple things added to make LB easier to work with concerning videos: 1. an option in the context menu of the game edit to go to the video folders when you click on a game, like you can with the images (Open Images Folder). 2. an option for a default video in the platform edit like you can set up default images for them. Just wanted to through it out there again....appreciate the read.
  2. How would I go about changing the startup splash screen? Wanting to change it to something like "Starting..." or something.
  3. Anyone know a way to remove or disable a single transition in the transitions? I like the random or sequential, but the explosion just kills the setup as far as speed
  4. This is a VERY nice clean theme. I am having an issue with video playback on the game screen. I assume it defaults to playing a video somewhere, since there is an option to "Stop Video". Also, when I choose "View Video Full Screen" it only show a black screen. Added note: the videos play fine on the previous screens.
  5. Thanks to whom ever fixed it.
  6. Hey Neil, no in LB> Cloud> Sync to my collection in the settings
  7. I haven't done a sync in a month or 2, but now when I try, I get an error about making sure I am connected to the net or make sure it's not blocked by firewall. Nothing changed so not sure what the issue is. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting in LB.
  8. Appreciate the reply, drop them into your LB>Sound folder, then change to them in BB. Not sure about "next game", especially when you are scrolling through the platforms, ya know? If I could figure out how to use more than the 4 default sounds, I would like to make them for each platform, etc.., but don't see any way to make BB use them
  9. Thanks for the reply, can you think of a word that might make a better replacement? Of course you can replace that single sound with any other wav file of your choice.
  10. Robot Voices View File Startup says "Let the games begin" Select says "Selected" Back says "Going Back" Move says "Okay" -- Enjoy Submitter Wanderer189 Submitted 12/19/2020 Category Big Box Sound Packs  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Startup says "Let the games begin" Select says "Selected" Back says "Going Back" Move says "Okay" -- Enjoy
  12. Is there a way to force BigBox to use the "default" monitor, rather than choosing 1 or 2? I have a setup where I change monitors with a program (TVLauncher) for gaming. #1 is my Primary, but when I run the program, it makes #2 the Primary. Almost every program I'm using with this works as expected, except for BB. It always goes to 1. I know I can change it to 2 within BB, but that makes it a pain if I am needing BB for checking or testing things, I always have to change it back to 1. I have tinkered with the <PrimaryMonitorIndex> in the "BigBoxSettings.xml", like setting it to 2 or leaving it blank, but nothing seems to work quite right.
  13. I finally got this to work with Yuzu. I was running Yuzu as Admin. I changed that and it works just fine now. But just so folks know, this can re-introduce a current bug in Yuzu concerning threaded optimization.
  14. I am using the <ESC> on keyboard & <ESC> via controller automation. I use a lot of home automation stuff. So when I game, I give Alexa a couple commands and it switches PC video and audio output to Bigscreen 4k hanging over the gaming PC, launches BB, etc.. After that I really need to use the controller as much as possible.
  15. Hey Joe, this just doesn't make any sense to me (not your reply, the results I get). I am able to accomplish what @Koroth was doing with RPCS3 with a script like this rather than the compile and script he is using: Run, "D:\Gaming\DS4W Off.bat" $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe rpcs3.exe Run, "D:\Gaming\DS4Windows" } I can add the same script to Yuzu and it works the same, but the goal was to do the opposite. However, if I simply reverse the order of the 2 "Run" lines, it won't execute the 2nd "Run". Run, "D:\Gaming\DS4Windows" $Esc:: { Run, "D:\Gaming\DS4W Off.lnk" WinClose, ahk_exe yuzu.exe } It will start DS4 but just won't stop it.???? UPDATE: It has to have something to do with Yuzu, it works just fine with other emulators.
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