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  1. I just wanted to give a little input on the LB for Android. I have been rooting for this for a year or 2 now as I love my LB/BB and am thrilled to see it happening! From what I have learned so far, I think the export from a PC feature is genius! I love that it copies of my artwork, as I have done much customization to it for speed rather than scraping again. I am extremely curious how well or even if the new LB app is going to play well with SMB shares / NAS's, etc. If you have TB's of games as I do, it is essential to not have multiple copies every where, but be able to have to stored in one place and all the devices be able to access them from the single location. I am able to do that now using my current front-end on my android devices. Anyone have any info on this?
  2. These are great, very nice looking, clean and help my large collection run a tad quicker. Thank you and can't wait for more to be added to the collection !
  3. Been a user of LB and Emu for a long time. I have decided to take on a project of resizing most all of my images that the 2 of them have downloaded. The ones I am concentrating on right now are the box fronts (not 3d). Does anyone know of where I can find the approx. size or dimensions of the boxes for each platform so they look more realistic in LB. Some are rectangular, some might be more of a square. LB does a decent job of sizing, but I am converting and cleaning as well to see if I can save a little disk space and mainly increase load LB/BB load time for a very large collection
  4. Is it possible to run multiple instance of LB on same PC on the same hdd, I have a very large library (15,000) with most of the bells and whistles and it crawls when starting up now. I was thinking about trying to split it up into 2, is this possible? Windows 10 32GB ram 8TB HDD with 32GB Optane I8086k @5 Ghz I have tried most of tweaking tips I can find here, but really not any improvement,
  5. @Jason: I can't say for sure if they worked before this beta version. I have tried different combos of the buttons to see if that was it, no difference. Like I said, only the pause works with Cemu & Yuzu currently. I have found a temporary work around for the black screen with these two emulators: Just let the game load for a few seconds, then use the pause automation and unpause, it will bring the game to the front. (not using Mame, I use RA for my mame stuff)
  6. I have looked into the suggestions from the URL, tried re-installing, disable antivirus, ran the SFC utility, all the device drivers and BIOS are up to date on a large modern system (8086k cpu, 1080ti gpu, 32gb ram, 8TB hdd, z390 Tiachi mb, so I don't think any of this is it.) It works fine if I eliminate LB from the launching process. Got me stumped.
  7. When I try to start Far Cry 5 it get the following error: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018) Click OK to close the application." I have tried porting it to the exe file as well as creating a shorcut and pointing to that. It works perfectly fine without LB. I have checked it with the currect beta version and also tried going back to v9.7. Any one else having this issue or any have any ideas???
  8. Just want to add that Cxbx and Xenia are both WORKING correct for me.
  9. Hey Jason, I updated to beta 6 and the pause screens are working for me in all the emulators I mentioned above. I am still having the same issues with the games starting in background leaving the black screen with Cemu and Yuzu (having to Alt/Tab). but none of the other automation buttons are working with these two emulators as you stated your just working with the showing and closing the pause screens. RA is working fine for me, 1.76 (I am using it for mame, so not sure about actual MAME emulator) All automations are working for me in Dolhpin (using dev versions). Hope this helps
  10. Just wanted to add more info, things I have tried: I am having the same black screen issue when using the following emulators with Game Startup Screens enable, if I disable them for the individual emulators, all is fine: (The games are starting and can get to them with ALT/TAB, even when you close emulator from there, it returns to Game Exit screen/LB/BB) Cemu Yuzu I tried putting the LBThemes back to default, then the StarupThemes back to default but didn't help. Something else I have noticed with these 2 emulators is that the Automation buttons are not even recognized, like to exit a screen, volume or pause, nothing. I am using all the latest portable versions of Cemu, Yuzu (canary), Dolphin (dev/nightly), PCSX2 v1.5dev, and current Retroarch. In all other games/emulators I have tried, all functions great, including the new PAUSE feature. My system specs are: Z390 Taichi with 8086k (oc @ 5.1), 32gb ram, 8TB WD HDD using 32gb optane modeule, Xbox 360, generic Xbox 360, PS4 controllers. For testing, maybe I will disable that, just to eliminate. (I have had rare caching issues with it in the past) Hope it helps UPDATE: Optane module was not issue, worth a shot.
  11. I am running Cemu 1.15.4b as well. It's when I run Cemu in full screen using the "-f -g" paramaters in the Default Command Line Parameters. It is working fine if I go back one beta version in LB. So far this is the only issue I am having
  12. Members 4 45 posts Report post Posted 13 hours ago Game Startup Screen Broken now with Cemu Just updated to v9.8 beta 5. Now when I run a game using Cemu in full screen, all I get is a black screen. I turn off the Game Startup Screen and all works fine again. I have 2 PC's and the one that I did not update is still working fine. Still testing other emulators
  13. Sorry 'bout that, that I did. Can you move it?
  14. Just updated to v9.8 beta 5. Now when I run a game using Cemu in full screen, all I get is a black screen. I turn off the Game Startup Screen and all works fine again. Still testing other emulators
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