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I've always thought about this.  I don't think there is a Launchbox playlist.  Come to think of it, I don't even think that value is in any of the metadata.  I can't really remember if I've seen it in there or not. 

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Here's a list for starters.



However Mr. Murphy and his law comes into play as you search your library for these games. Take for example Astro Invaders.  Well I didn't have it in my library.  I found it a rom for it.  Tried to add it only to discover I already have the file.  Why isn't it appearing in my library? After launching Arcade64, I discover it's a clone of the the game Kamikaze which is in my library. UGh this is going to be time consuming.

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So many of these games are garbage. You can download the new dll plugin on the forum that let you sort the Mame set by .ini files. Download controls.ini and sort all the 4 way games!

Look STEP 3 of my Mame tutorial!


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