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  1. That did it! Thanks! UPDATE: I spoke to see soon as the hi score disappeared on me again. At least I know how to fix it.
  2. I'd like to add to some weirdness that is hi scores. The game Front Line (frontlin.zip) doesn't show the High score on the screen of the game itself. At least not for me. However in Launchbox, I do see community scores when I highlight the Front Line game in LB. In LB, I then selected to use frontlina.zip as the rom to play. The default hi score of 10000 shows on the game screen. But there is no community scores, probably since no one use the frontlina.zip to play Front Line. Frontlina.zip Frontlin.zip
  3. @WInzen I got the game screen bigger even between the bezels. Launch the game and then hit tab. Go to slider controls. Make sure the horiz and vert stretch and positions look like the pic below. I just have to figure out the lag with HLSL enabled.
  4. My game display gets smaller with HLSL enabled. What do I need to change in my .ini file to fix it? Enabled disabled:
  5. I got it to work using Mess as the emulator.
  6. I got it to work using Mess as the emulator. As others have stated. The folder needs to be called svision. It doesn’t matter where it’s at as long as you tell the platform where it’s located. in the emulator settings point it to where lever you have Mess64.exe. then see the pic below:
  7. Forget getting it to work. I can't even import the roms. I rename the folder to svision. I select import folder. I choose Watara Supervision for platform. I select Mame as the emulator. When I get to the screen that says "ready to Import" no games are listed! UPDATE: I got them to import by selecting MESS as the emulator. I've changed the emulator to MAME. Wouldn't I have to tell Mame to look for these roms in the svision folder?
  8. Here's a list for starters. https://www.recroommasters.com/4-Way-and-Spinner-Retro-Games-List-s/77.htm However Mr. Murphy and his law comes into play as you search your library for these games. Take for example Astro Invaders. Well I didn't have it in my library. I found it a rom for it. Tried to add it only to discover I already have the file. Why isn't it appearing in my library? After launching Arcade64, I discover it's a clone of the the game Kamikaze which is in my library. UGh this is going to be time consuming.
  9. I keep my roms on a separate drive (L:) from Launchbox, which is on C:. All of my emulators are assigned To look for the Roms in L. But when I want to import additional roms, L isn’t an option, only C or where ever they are currently located. I was hoping LBWould move them for me.
  10. I've started. 5 down. 700+ to go!!
  11. Hoping someone has a playlist for 4 way controllers. According to http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/lista_mame.php there are 741 games. I'll take up the task if no one does. But I'd rather add to a current one then start from scratch. LOL
  12. Did you assign PGM2 MAME as an emulator to run those games? If so, is it in a separate folder from MAME?
  13. for pause, you have to go into Mame's settings (Tab Key) and assign a button. you'll just have to make sure the button is used elsewhere.
  14. Wiimotes and a dolphin Mayflash bar work great as lightguns.
  15. How can I remove the box art? It always seems to be in the
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