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  1. Did you assign PGM2 MAME as an emulator to run those games? If so, is it in a separate folder from MAME?
  2. for pause, you have to go into Mame's settings (Tab Key) and assign a button. you'll just have to make sure the button is used elsewhere.
  3. Wiimotes and a dolphin Mayflash bar work great as lightguns.
  4. How can I remove the box art? It always seems to be in the
  5. Isn’t there music playing when you first big box with this theme installed? Sometimes I hear it, others I do not.
  6. I don't always get the music upon launching big box and moving to different platforms.
  7. I have Touchmote set up. Thanks to all of you. How do I extend the ranch of the wiimote to the left of my screen in mame? In Operation Wolf, I have to wait until the ammo magazines and rockets come more to the center of the screen. i usually end up dying waiting for that to happen. UPDATE: I moved back further away from my cabinet and now the target goes all the way to the left. Where in the settings.json do I adjust the distance?
  8. midd

    Missing Game

    The game was there the entire time. But it used Ikari III's box art in Launchbox.
  9. I noticed that iKari Warriors was missing in my Launchbox library. The game plays when I run it from Mame directly. I tried importing it into Launchbox. It goes all the way to the end and a box opens saying "0 games added successfully." I ran an audit and it appears in the list. The file ikari.zip is listed in the audit and that's the name of the file in my roms folder. Any suggestions??
  10. midd


    So the plot thickens. I updated colorful to 0.7 and I now have platform marquees!! A little on the small side but it’s better than nothing for now!
  11. midd


    Nothing is there after switching screens.
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