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  1. midd

    Game IDs

    Not really a troubleshooting issue. It's more of a technical question and I wasn't sure where else to ask: I'm assuming GAME ID's are assigned by Launchbox as they are added? I'm not talking about the Launchbox Game Database ID; just the Game ID itself as found in a Platform's xml file? I'm asking because I'm trying to merge 300+ games from one instance of Launchbox to another. The one's I'm trying to merge call on additional apps (basically 3-5 scripts depending on the game). Rather than add each application 3-5 times for each 300+ games. I was considering copying the additional apps info from the one xml file to mine. THat's where I noticed different game IDs for the same game in each xml. I'll add pics in a second for reference.
  2. So now it’s making more sense. I had it set to Sega Dreamcast but not the individual game folders. That’s why the plug-in couldn’t find the games unless I drug to the main folder. As you can see I don’t play dc much. I added gun games and decided to dig into Dreamcast a little more
  3. ok I just realized I'm in the same boat as Maxforwarpspeed was earlier in this thread. My DreamCast games are in their own folders. that was it. I pulled two games and all their files from their folders and moved them to the Sega dream cast folder. Those two are being converted. I'm just going to download a CHD set. Might be easier that way and def. faster. I'll compare the sets and convert any missing from the new set to CHD from my original set.
  4. No server. Just an external drive L:/Launchbox/Games/Sega Dreamcast as a last resort, I’m going to delete the plug-in and reinstall.
  5. Ok well that was short lived. Deleted the old plugin. Installed the new. Selected gdi to chd, delete the old files and use the same file name. None of them were converted. take notice of ms. Pac-Man . Look below the convert box and you’ll see the file that the plug in claimed to not have found.
  6. Thanks for the reply. This is what I get when I try. I suppose it has something to do with the gdi file? My Dreamcast roms are a gdi file along with bin. I assumed the plug-in would comvert based on the bin files.
  7. When i use this to convert Dreamcast games, none of them convert? If I do one at a time using chdman and a bat file it converts individual games
  8. IF you disable the 2nd screen from within Bigbox (not Windows settings) do you get the same result?
  9. Nevermind, I forgot about the startup applications menu under Tools/options
  10. I'm getting into MH for recoil action with my GUN4IR. How are some of you launching MH and enabling hooking without having to do it manually? It has to be a script or AHK file, yes? Eventually I'm hoping to get it running with LED blinky to show damage on my buttons. Baby steps....
  11. yes that's right. Sometimes it works, other times it will not. Sometimes I have to go into BigBox and change the screen number for the primary screen because it will launch into the marquee. ThirdScreenLog.txt
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