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  1. I figured it out. In the final pic, the three boxes above "Sample Command" all have to be unchecked.
  2. I’m having a time getting the games to launch directly from launchbox. When I click on MARIO Kart, teknoparrot loads but it’s the UI screen, not the actual game. anyone have input? Thanks
  3. Be sure to check out the one I posted. It seems to have solved the problem for me.
  4. Are you referring to this video?
  5. Another idea would to be allow for another marquee to show the scores while playing the game.
  6. midd

    Xarcade Tankstick

    Reviving this old thread. I have the tri-mode pcb board. Is there a way to configure retroarch to either use my 360 controller (Xinput 1) or my left tankstick controller (Xinput 3) to be used for User 1? I'd like to have the option to use one or the other.
  7. P worked! crazy....
  8. ok that worked. Took a second to switch and the game kept playing after selecting it.
  9. ok so I never had Pause set up in Big box. Assigned it P in keyboard mappings and it worked. Launchbox still no luck.
  10. No the game is only paused in both when I push P
  11. For testing purposes, I'm using the keyboard and pressing P. I don't press the tankstick nor do I have any buttons assigned as of yet. I literally decided yesterday to pay around with the Pause screen.
  12. For Mame it's my tankstick. For the retroarch games, my xbox 360 controller.
  13. I checked. It's P in Mame as well.
  14. on NES the Pause screen works. I'm using Retroarch. Rught now just the keyboard P to activate it.
  15. Retroarch for SN and SG. Mame .0214 and Mame64.exe. Yes, Mame is set to P.
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