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Games with the same exact name image changes on its own randomly


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I notice a problem with games that have the same name example there is Need For Speed Most Wanted that came out in 2005 and then they did a Need For Speed Most Wanted around 2011.  I only use my own images and I have them set with the appropriate image, but I'll start Launchbox and it'll change one of them to match the other one and even remove the one I had set.  Here is what I mean 

Notice the green box highlighting Need For Speed Most Wanted, and to the right of it is the newer Need For Speed Most Wanted appropriately imaged.



But I just turned on my computer which boots Launchbox at start and it looked like this



It has happened a bunch of times too not just one time. 

I realize I could just rename one to something like "Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005)" I just like the actual names of the games to be as they are.  However I had the same problem with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 1, but I renamed the first one to "Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit" but I would rather know a solution. 


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Indeed, the game name on the same platform cannot be identical, the way you did should work fine "Game Name (Year)".

One of the biggest reasons they need to be uniquely named is that the images are named after the game's name, so those would get mixed up as well. The biggest challenge is Emumovies, those still do get mixed up and need to be manually downloaded and renamed (unless there has been a change this year).


You can read more about this here for example:


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