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  1. While adding entries to the DB for Fujitsu FM-7 I noticed that one entry "ate" another one: "Flight Simulator Space Bee" took it's ID to "Flight Simulator". So I need to submit the "Flight Simulator" as its own separate entry in the DB*. I wanted to make sure it's really not the same game and it wasn't. FM7 Cassettes need to be booted with a command line, so here's another addition for this list EDIT: *it was actually a double-feature release with two games: Flight Simulator AND Space Bee. Fujitsu FM-7 Cassettes: fm7 -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "LOADM”“,,R\n" -autoboot_delay 4 -cass Note! Same thing with Sharp X1 the ”“ after LOADM are not the same as "", Mame will just quit if it's wrong. And unfortunately this machine does not auto-play the cassette unit automatically so you'll need to play the tape yourself within MAME after you see "Searching" after the autoboot command has been executed. (To my understanding FM7 disks boot right away, so no need for an autoboot for them.)
  2. Wouldn't a Playlist work as a "Collection"? https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/22-playlists-playlist-media/ EDIT: check more content on subcategories on the right There's some pretty cool theme videos/media etc. already for many themes/series you can use for your custom playlists.
  3. Would be nice to know for sure if they are really hurting something with the themes and how. I would also start rejecting those if there isn't any concrete example for not having them in the DB. There's a lot of space for alt names. In the other hand I doubt they are much useful for scraping/importing, since most filenames are in Latin Alphabet. But if we flip the coin: I can see the benefit having Katakana/Hiragana/Kanji in the DB. For example with very limited Japanese language skills, I have found a huge amount of content when searching in Japanese letters.
  4. Please go to page 1 to (re-)read the rules, especially rule 6 posted in 2016. As I said before, database moderators go about changing/fixing correct title names, wikipedia links, region tags, image types, overviews etc. But somehow it feels that rule 6 doesn't apply to everyone? I may personally dislike this rule too, but I do care about Launchbox and have big respect to the people behind it - it's rare for developers to be this active with its users and discussing in an online forum and respond this fast. Let's leave them to do what they do best and the rest of us stick to the rules, OK? I have one FINAL point to make: Launchbox is highly customizable: you can have what ever you want in your own local collection. You can have platforms that do not even exist on the Launchbox Database (maybe we could get more of those instead of arguing this matter). Here's below a few examples of what I've done - and since I started using Launchbox I had one specific goal: "No game shall be without a front cover image" (yeah, I know showing off as well ) . That said, you can have whatever you want, what kind of pictures you want in your local Launchbox. And also any kind of custom gamelist/platform. And more, if anyone's interested. I can also share those media or submit new entries when we get those and other new platforms opened in the database.
  5. I know I have some of them in my local collection, happy to send them to you if we get a green light from Jason about self-censoring. Please ask him and I'll get back to you. Please keep in mind that the answer might be negative, as you know there are many issues with censoring. For example, where do we cross the line? Do we just hide the naughtiest bits or what happens in cases like: - no sexual implication, but has mild nudity - nudity is a way of humour - back cover with raping, tentacles all over the place etc. (I guess you'd need to fill that cool looking red star 99% of that imagery) - sexual intercourse - artistic nudity Who makes the call? And how would we know which countries (especially the US) requires what kind of censorship. I certainly don't know. To be honest I really hate censorship especially in the way that it can make a situation much worse than what it would be uncensored, like cursing on (US?) TV and replacing it with a beeps etc., I'm happy we don't have that problem in my country. I think censorship provokes and takes much more attention when it shouldn't need to and can even make your imagination think of the worst alternative for the "BEEP". I say Frak it (They chose a cool alternative in Battlestar Galactica ) But enough from me about this topic 😅. I'm going back to actually submit more games that are missing from the database.. EDIT: Just remembered that Jason actually replied earlier to me that, as I thought, self-censoring wouldn't work. But let's wait and see if there's anything else/new that needs clarification or could be allowed (I doubt it though).
  6. I get it, personally as a European I'm OK with nudity and much more against violence in any form. But this is about Launchbox's rules - we go ahead with rules about Region tags, colons, title naming etc. but suddenly when there's nudity, it's a debate? @harryoke, remember the European cover for Barbarian II? I think that was actually banned in Germany. We could go on foreever and ever about this topic, but please guys: Jason asked for help and we have written rules. That's not too hard, is it?
  7. The request for help and instruction from Jason was very clear:" We do have a very strict no-nudity policy for the media, however, primarily to protect kids and keep us out of hot water because we have no age checks on the games database website. Please keep that in mind and never upload any images with nudity to the site." "I could really use the community's help to mark any images with nudity in them for deletion." Self-censoring is not a solution, who would even be qualified for that ? What if there is a legal problem one day, all that crap would go to Unbroken Software, since it's their website platform. We can only help them to avoid a situation like that and stick to the rules I did suggest an "Adult tag" - but Launchbox is not my creation and don't want to argue against the people working hard on this software. Please see first page of this thread: Rule number 6: "Adult games are allowed on the Database, but nudity and partial nudity is not allowed. Adult Language is allowed as long as it is not obscene." Personally I think violence is more an issue than nudity, but again - you've been here long enough to know this: we have rules for contribution. You should quote/talk to Jason if you don't agree. Don't argue with me - I've decided to follow the rules. Simple as that.
  8. Thank you for the clarification! My main concern was indeed these 18+ games and having a "Not Rated" stamped on them instead of a 18+ or relevant marking. Though that concern still exists, since it's been confirmed that we should have them for the time being marked as "Not Rated", until we get more age ratings in the system. The European PEGI would be the most easy to have content wise next I think. For myself, I'm pretty sure I didn't upload any naughty bits in those wacky but cool Japanese entries (with also stunningly beautiful pixel art & animation) - I have to say, some of them are really, really good games and safe for anyone. I recommend using Retroarch's translation API if someone wants to give those games a go without the need of Japanese language skills: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/ai-service/ I'm using sometimes the version that does a screenshot of the current gameplay while pausing and translates the Japanese text into English. I did stumble into a few potentially policy-breaking images in the Windows section today. Since it's fresh in the memory I will try to find them and do some moderation. I'm sure the community will help!
  9. I'm not sure it's funny to have fascism added in the topic in the world we leave in right now.. but I do understand the situation itself is a bit comical (and time consuming with all this back and forth). We've been discussing about this identical naming a lot in the past and if this Batman game has been switched back and forth, it looks to me that not everyone is aware of the issues. Batman needs to be unique! (that would be a funny topic title ) To put it simply: having the main default name 100% the same with another name on the same platform causes issues with images files, video files and the searching function (you get only one hit even if there's multiple games named the same). There used to be a lot more default names named the same, but thankfully a lot of moderators have taken their time and been naming them the way they do not cause issues anymore - guess how many identical titles there was in the Commodore 64 section? This has been a process going on for quite a while and some think that the alternative naming is the solution without touching the default name, but that doesn't solve all the issues - especially the media issues. Please read these threads for more information, Jason also commented about this a few months back: PS. I was actually the one who first submitted this game, and you are totally right, the game rocks! Edit: Thank you for spicing it up with more media images.
  10. I have a question about the ESRB Age rating field that's been bothering me for a long time. I feel this field is really unclear, even the info tab isn't clear enough: Simply put, my main question is: what is the aim for Launchbox with this field? Is it: 1) To take the age rating found on the game's cover / publisher website and have it in this field (yes, according to the rule in the screenshot). 2) For America only? since ESRB is an American age rating system founded in 1994: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entertainment_Software_Rating_Board 2b) I would assume it's not for America only, but what about games that were not published in America at all? And games pre 1994? 3) And to me, most importantly and confusing: what is the use for option "ESRB - Not Rated". Lately I've seen this used as a mean of "I don't know the age rating, but I don't want to leave this field empty" To my understanding, "Not Rated" is mainly used for online gaming portion of the game, user-generated content and other content that simply cannot be Age rated. If a game has no age rating, then what's wrong leaving this field empty? I find it a bit disturbing seeing for example Adult Only Japanese PC games given a "Age Not Rated" status, when they are actually "Adult Only +18" games in Japan. And I've been submitting probably over a 1000 Japanese entries since this Spring, wouldn't really want to see those "Not Rated" additions on 18+ games I've added (I just leave the field empty if I can't confirm the age rating). Unless "Not Rated" is want Launchbox Devs want for games without age ratings/unconfirmed age ratings? So what I ask is a clarification on this ESRB field - especially the usage of "Not Rated", thank you! Suggestion: could we add an "Adult/nudity content: Yes/No" field? That could probable even open up the possibility for adding missing covers (front/back ), due to the nudity in them (that cover could be hidden in certain conditions if it's flagged "Yes", some of them are quite mild, but I've skipped them too).
  11. Thank you for bringing and explaining your dilemma. I looked at it from a few different sources. It kind of sounds like the game was first released in Europe in 2008 and then re-released in Europe+US later in 2010. I'd say that would count as two game entries (probably they updated the content within those two years), so you get my accepted vote at least!
  12. Had a similar problem a couple of times after updating to the latest Retroarch. Have you tried to empty the cheevos_token code inside the " " in retroarch.cfg?
  13. It's good questions, though I would perhaps think it like this: Publisher/Developer naming should perhaps be chosen depending on how the company is displaying itself to the gamer on the front/back cover (like the company Logo) and/or in-game if there is no cover. For example, would a game start with "Nintendo presents" .. or "Nintendo, co. ltd. presents. Full company names are good for making legal contracts etc., and some company's official names are actually a totally different name than their "publicly known trade name". I also understand that the Publisher varies depending on regions and if it's globally the same company, but named slightly differently, then I think its most commonly used name would be fine as you said. Or if that's not fine, then as you suggest, we would like to have them fully named by region and separated with a Region field option. In the case of a fully named regional name, it would indeed sound odd if for example a game with a different European alternative name than the US name has the Publisher "Nintendo of America", that would be incorrect information. But in the end I wouldn't decline if someone wants to change Rare, Rareware or Rare Ltd., XXXX America, XXXX Europe and so on. Though I doubt if it will be worth the time changing 1000's of entries just to add Ltd. or remove it. And yes, the database default language is English and the default (Primary) region is North America.
  14. You will also get an issue with media files, since both entries have 100% the same default name. They will get mixed up (both entries will use each others images, since they are saved in your images directory using the default name). And it even gets worse with video files from EmuMovies for example. The default name cannot be named the same as another game on the same platform without issues. For this Tetris case what could be done in the database is to switch places with the alternative name (Name + (Publisher) - for example) and the default name. This [Default Game Name (Publisher)] workaround has been done especially in the Commodore 64 platform, since there are tons of games named the same - and the solution works just fine. The other benefit of them being differently named is that the search function results in finding them more easily, not only showing one entry for multiple games with the same name. More about this here, I recommend checking these out: And here:
  15. I can also confirm that this feature is for some reason disabled or hasn't moved to the updated GUI: And when you search with "Search metadata", you get all the fields filled with the metadata found in the Database: But then the emulation field remains empty: And, yes - my default emulator for PC-9801 is "Retroarch". Before the new GUI update, the Emulator field was also auto-filled when there was an entry on the database.
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