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  1. Thank you for you kind support on this! Let's hope we'll finally see an end to this chapter, since we all know it only requires (in this case at least) to upload those edits as new images with the reconstructed tag. That is the database rule, I honestly don't buy any of those excuses/pretexts in the database submit comment field like "minor tweaks" "removed a few marks", "fixed color based on real physical box" etc. Those are rule-breaking, ban-risking actions which could so easily be avoided with respecting the rules and the authentic material which is already present on the database. I
  2. Indeed, the game name on the same platform cannot be identical, the way you did should work fine "Game Name (Year)". One of the biggest reasons they need to be uniquely named is that the images are named after the game's name, so those would get mixed up as well. The biggest challenge is Emumovies, those still do get mixed up and need to be manually downloaded and renamed (unless there has been a change this year). You can read more about this here for example:
  3. It's mainly happening in the Commodore Amiga section right now: Someone is making their own photoshop "clean-up" edits for Box - Front images and replacing authentic scans. In some cases the edits actually do not look better than the original (pixelized, oversharp, loosing texture, color is off etc.), but that's not the main point here since that is objective and most of the photoshop edits are quite all right. The primary thing here is that those originally submitted scans etc. are being destroyed in the process. I've been trying to moderate this saying that it's OK to make your own "cle
  4. I totally agree with you that the format used should be considered what is appropriate to have for each image type and I think also depending on the source and age of the platform. A combination/balance of best quality and best usage experience is at least what I would hope for. And as you said, if there would be only JPEG allowed, then you couldn't even upload anything else. For example, you can't upload gif (vga source) screenshots, because the system doesn't technically allow it. Looks like someone got confused about the meaning of scalability, which at least on my part I've been "prom
  5. May I comment on this topic? I think lately things have gone much better when it comes to clear logos, but at one point there was a lot of logos being uploaded with a huge amount of empty space around them (not cropped). That resulted in the logo looking really small, particularly in BigBox and also the logo being impossible to, for example, place in the far left or top, if they would have a big amount of empty space (thinking of Theme makers). This is something worth keeping in mind, because however big the resolution is, the logo will look smaller than wanted, if there is uncut space around
  6. Sorry, self-quoting, since I need to get back to this with a bigger issue: If someone really needs to have those Alt names in Katakana/Hiragana etc., then do not region tag them at all, or at least not with the same region as the default name has. Otherwise the scrapping will be a total mess, look at this - I've tried to update metadata for MSX and some of the Default title name for Japanese-only games have been overwritten with that Alt name. To be on the safe side, it's perhaps best to stick with Latin Alphabet ONLY in the database, unless we can figure out a way which always works - I
  7. To my understanding those little "i" icons only come up if it has been fully rejected. If it's something like 6 approvals and 3 rejections, then you can't see what those 3 rejections were all about.
  8. This is one of the reasons I've more or less stopped moderating. I've seen this case too, wrong image type + missing region tags. Nowadays there's just too many people (new moderators perhaps?) just pressing the "Accept" button without really taking the time to check the entry and reading the database rules or actually have proper knowledge of the information for moderation. It's also possible that there could also be a language barrier. I'm sure no one is making trouble on purpose, but it's a waste of time when someone submits something - takes at least 3 moderators to accept it and then
  9. Thinking of this, separation & additions (for more than just regions) by extension, instead of separate entries/sub-entries actually sounds very much like the new GUI updates that were made in the Launchbox App, which allows for more content to be handled in the Edit option. That approach could indeed work with the database and could be the most likely way to go. But as I've said before, my guess is that it looks to be much more complicated/time-consuming making changes in the database structural code (it also needs to work properly with the App, changes will be needed to be done there too
  10. No problem I think actually the latest version should have those features already: http://nenecchi.kirara.st/ (use the np21.exe) from np2fmgen.7z These were instructions that helped me to get a good basic setup: http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,11117.msg736742.html#msg736742 if it doesn't work here's my exe+ini for policenauts policenautsexe.zip
  11. I can confirm from my experience that there are PC-9801 (well actually 9821 in some cases) CD games that do come with full speech and CD music and animated content - some of them are exclusively CD versions. One of my favorite games on CD for the PC-98 is Policenauts, which was originally released on the PC-9821: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/106088 A really cool version with atmospheric music I'm using CD-based PC-98 games with Launchbox using a custom np2fmgen 0.83k8., Which allows using ISO and HDI files, Disk files (at the same time) quite easily with the conf
  12. I guess .lnk (desktop shortcut icons) files should work just fine as "roms" - works with GOG .lnk files at least, have you tried that? You should be able to create those within NOX. I'm actually using Android Apps in a virtual environment, so I have a bit of a different setup in Launchbox with VMWare.
  13. You have a valid point. And this is most likely the opinion that the majority shares. I guess Jason would prefer to keep the way things are with separation via regional tags and gametypes. But that will not remove the moderation/submitter's conflicts with media/metadata and will not make a full separation with official releases and fanmade patches/hacks from the same source (game) - they would still be mixed among each other. But if we would think another way around that, how would it sound if those separate entries would actually be a separate (sub)platform entity - we have that kind of
  14. It's not a separate platform. It's really simply put an Amiga (computer) with a CD-ROM drive . Used to have one on my A4000/030. Probably the list of Amiga CD games are later games that were not Amiga CD32 compatible but required a higher-end Amiga Computer with a CD-ROM drive. And yes, they should be found/put under "Commodore Amiga", I've added a few CD-only games there myself. Originally Amiga computers came with a 3.5-inch floppy disk/diskette drive before HD's and CDs. The Amiga CD32 is basically a console version of the Amiga 1200 that came with a CD drive by default and it's
  15. I would like to discuss about fan-translated entries and metadata on the database and I think we would in the end require @Jason Carr's comment for this specific guideline confirmation. Right now it looks like fan-made images for fan-translation are being added to the database to the entries with the actual games that were released for example exclusively in Japan. Mostly for some consoles and handhelds. I suggest that these entries would be separate entries, for example the Japan-only game "Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed" would have a separate entry like "Super Robot
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