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  1. Mame works pretty well with X1. Cassette tapes as well: I'm using two instances of Mame (not Retroarch) on Launchbox, one for cassette tapes and the other with the rest without any specific (autoboot) command line.
  2. The only way to get this completely fixed at the moment is to remove that extra space from the game entry on the online database (the images are saved based on the game's name). When the name is correct, then the media files will stick with the game and won't be "disconnected" after a metadata update. Unless the developers come with a easier solution that tackles these "empty space typos" automatically @faeran? Maybe someone has already submitted the fix, but to make sure I've just submitted the removal of that empty space from the game you mentioned: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/108676 the moderation queue is longish at the moment so you might only see the fix within 12-48 hrs.
  3. I don't know if this related but I had some media files "disconnected" from their game entries when the default game name had an extra space after the name on the online database, especially with CPC and some with ZX Spectrum. How it happened: when I "download metadata and media" just for the metadata, without selecting images - it then "lost" the connection of images that had that naming error since the latest versions(?) of Launchbox will automatically remove those empty spaces (I assume) from the end of names in your local database. This is what I've concluded with my troubleshooting. I saw in my images folder cases like "gamename -01.jpg" instead of "gamename-01.jpg" and that resulted in the "images gone" scenario with those games with extra space in the end. The images have to be named the same to be connected to their games, even some extra space will make a difference. A couple weeks ago I did go and submit those fixes in the actual online database (removing that empty space after the default name) and after doing a new metadata update with all images - no more issues . Maybe you have games that still have that empty space after the title name on the database (the extra space can only be seen when editing the game's default name on the online database). Can you give us any specific example of game entries? And also see in your image folder of those missing images that they don't have an empty space between the name and -01.png/jpg etc.? Or maybe your case is totally unrelated.
  4. You can contact @Jason Carr and submit him those screenshots - he can ban the trolls and send them back to their caves. Thanks for keeping the metadata a troll-free zone! 👍 Unfortunately and perhaps because of the weather or what's available to eat, these trolls surface time to time to the world of humans. The Internet is a hunting ground for those pathetic cases I'm afraid. We will never get rid of them, but you can report to Jason directly to stop them trying to mess with the database/and fill the moderation queue. I doubt they understand that their actions can be traced in most cases. I do think some of them think this is "funny" activity, hopefully one day they will mature.
  5. A kind reminder to anyone uploading clear logos in the database that have empty space around them: please always remove all of the empty space around the logos (in photoshop for example just CTRL + mouse select the logo layer with your mouse and then crop). If there is empty space this will result in: - the logo looking much smaller than what it should in Launchbox/BigBox (especially BB) - placing the logo will become quite challenging if you want it on top/bottom/right/left/center if there is empty space in that direction - probably affecting Theme Makers here. Many times, when taking logos from official sources, like publisher's sites, the logos tend to have empty space around them, most likely because they were meant to be placed in their website on a certain spot etc. or have a so called brand "safety zone" so no other elements comes close to their logos.
  6. On my part I was quite the gaming mag subscriber back in the 90's ? I actually have a lot of custom-made "platforms" for Magazines. Like Commodore 64 Mags, Commodore Amiga Mags. Nintendo Power, PlayStation Official etc. Most of them have the actual Magazine readable as a "Manual" and if it has a coverdisk/tape/cd demo it's also playable as a "game" and multiple disc entries are added as alternative apps. I've chosen to use "Flyer Front" for Magazine covers, since that's what they physically are (like the flyers on the Arcade section) and if there's a disc (ie. Amiga coverdisk) then simply "disc - front" for that. But sometimes, especially on the C64 side there are covertapes, for those I choose "box-front" instead of cart (cassette) IF it has a sleeve in the plastic casing, simply because it's the equivalent of a full game case. If there's only a cassette image (without the plastic box) then I choose "cart -front". You can then choose what kind of image you want to display first in the image priority settings. To be honest I don't really mind how they are tagged on the database as long as it's consistent and there's no destructive behaviour. If anyone's interested here's what those looks like in BigBox - I've got clear logos, background, "platform" videos on all of them and most screenshots for the demos - it's crazy what you can customize with BigBox/LB: Commodore Mags Amiga magz PS mags Nintendo Power Great fun!
  7. I'm glad I haven't been moderating lately ? I think the keyword here is consistency. Whatever solution you use in the end, it's good to know that Launchbox in most cases will and depending on your region priorities: A) only scrape the images that have the region tag and will ignore the ones that do not, especially if the game has a region ID (in the image type in question, like screenshots) . or B) scrape all images if none of them have a region tag (in the image type in question, like screenshots) . So the problem is that in a game entry there cannot be a mix of some image types with region tags and some without, like screenshots. It has to be one or the other for all images from the image type in question to make this work as it should. So whoever decides to put region tags on Japanese only screenshots for example, should add the tag to all of them or the rest will not scrape. Right now I would say the majority of single region screenshots are without a region tag. There are some exceptions like fan-translated screenshots/logos. In my opinion the most important thing here is that if someone wants to upload/change an image with a region tag they should check what is there already - too many times in the past I've seen for example Spanish logos being uploaded and the submitter hasn't bothered to add region tags to the English logo that was already there without a region tag and that has resulted in everyone getting the Spanish logo even if the game is by default in English/NA. And the secondary thing is, please decide what you want to do on the database so we can avoid one of the things that has made me more or less stopped moderating: going back and forth with the same things and doing it all over again... I agree that the forum is way better for discussion than the database comment field where only a limited amount of moderators can even see them.
  8. Looks like the reason is that someone added the first game as an alternative name to this entry of the "sequel": https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/142264 You are right, they are different games. The first is "I'm learning English" and the second is "I'm improving my English" - for anyone who knows French... I haven't been moderating lately and I can see the queue is about 300+ submissions. So hopefully someone has already submitted the deletion of that false alternative name and you could try to add it again.
  9. Please make your suggestion on bitbucket. Moderators are not having a field day otherwise... It's quite simple, if you think something you thought would have been included in this year's poll, vote for it on bitbucket first. For example this is what I just did: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6160/supplements-folder And for this year's poll, to stay on topic, I mainly would hope for even more performance* and the integrated Retroarch core updating sounds really nice, thank you! *this would also include more bug-testing or? 11.12 was the only disappointment/real frustration I've ever had with LB because of the image type-change deletion bug. Otherwise I have been really happy since day 1 with all the work being done on LB/BB
  10. Could be the duplication bug of the database. This happens sometimes when adding new entries. I've had it numerous of time for my entries as well. Looks like at least this has gone through: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/152931 Please check the rejection comments by hovering over the "i" symbol next to the red "rejected" text. You should see moderation comments there, impossible to know otherwise why your entry has been rejected.
  11. Might this solution work for you for games requiring DOS to Boot?
  12. Hi! Slightly off-topic, but controller type related: Any chance of getting this "Missing media files - Back cover" feature added in the near future? It's now more relevant with the new the controller feature, maybe some up-votes might help https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5870/games-missing-media-option-for-boxes-back Back covers in many cases gives you information/confirmation of: - controller types - player number offline - player number online and other good information for filling missing metadata fields on the database. EDIT: Got some good feedback on bitbucket - the Audit tools has the Back covers in one column, so that does the job well enough to find the missing ones fast and easy. Happy with that!
  13. I personally think that game demo versions should be left as separate entries in the database. In many cases the actual demo version differs from the final product. And in the Amiga section for example there are magazine exclusive demo levels that are not found in the final product. And on the console front as well, for example: https://hiddenpalace.org/Patlabor_-_The_Game_(Taikenban_1.0) turned out to be a different game in the end. No reason why they should be deleted/not uploaded. Game demos are part of the gaming culture, read this article for example: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-02-26-the-joy-of-treating-demos-like-a-finished-game My guess is that someone didn't quite understand the word Taikenban, which is just "Trial/Demo version" in Japanese and thought it was a duplicate Japanese language alternative version of a game that had a Western (ie. North American) entry. These demo versions have been in the database for a long time and I'm giving my voice to let them be there in the future as well.
  14. It's sometimes really sad seeing people having no use of their time but to try to spam a database. It's doesn't even sound fun. Could be also a mental issue, who knows - but it's quite pathetic. What you can do is PM @Jason Carr, show him a screenshot like you just did and then he can ban trolls. I also think that a simple "Report misuse" button might make it easier for moderators and sending the troll back to its cave faster. (And of course misusing that button would also result into a ban ) Edit: I agree with neil9000 about keeping moderators anonymous to each other on the database. We can openly discuss about moderating differences on the forum when necessary.
  15. You can use the core option to change those settings and you can also access the BIOS menu the same way described in the tutorial you mentioned (holding down the END key while booting). You can also save those core options for games that have unique settings as "Save Game Options" for each game. Otherwise it'll use the last used core options, but in most cases the options you have chosen for the core should work just fine. I have some special default settings for games that are basically for the PC-9821 model (CD games as such). I actually tested Touhou 01: The Highly Responsive to Prayers, and I only needed to Switch to 2.5mhz on the bios menu and worked just fine with my other default settings I'm using on most PC-98 games. And Touhou 2 also then started without any need to change any options: I guess you just need to choose the settings once for them to work best and then that should be it
  16. I recommend using Retroarch for PC-98 using the np2kai_libretro core. It can detect disk images, hd images and cd images. You can even nowadays get CD-based games working with that setup using .cmd files as "roms" in launchbox (basically a plain text file) where you list the actual files like this for example: Policenauts.cmd file has this as text: np2kai "L:\Policenauts User Disk.FDI" "L:\Policenauts.ccd" This would automatically boot up with the user system disk and attach the CD image. Works perfectly. Or if you only have a single .HDi file, then you can skip the .cmd files and point/import directly to the HDi file in Launchbox. It will load it automatically as well.
  17. Did you double check from that second Amiga platform settings that you have the correct "Scrape As" selected? And you didn't manually just copy over the images etc. when you added that second Amiga Category? I also have a few other platforms for Amiga (coverdisks - using the database, scene demos/intro/cracktros - that one is just manual work, no scraping from database except videos from Emumovies). And for C64 I have the C64 and C64GS as a separate platform using the same C64 scraping for only cartridge based games there were (mostly) compatible with the infamous C64GS. So there's normally no issues having multiple ones from the same platform.
  18. I wonder if the mame devs checked these docs out: http://www.icdia.co.uk/docs/ based on what they were replying here: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/issues/1170 this might be one of the things they are looking for? http://www.icdia.co.uk/docs/dsp56001.zip The icdia site has been updated quite recently too.. I don't have a github account so I can't reply to that mame issue directly to see if they have those docs already or not.
  19. Just wanted to inform you that I have contributed a "few" additional missing games these past days in the Mac platform I strongly recommend this page if you are interested in Mac OS emulation, especially for older software: https://www.emaculation.com/doku.php PS. Sorry for the extra moderation work on the few duplicate entries, it's again the old database bug causing this and it really seems random - I haven't done anything different while adding those entries. Take care!
  20. There shouldn't be any doubt of the release date, since there can only be one in the DB per game entry at the moment. It's the first release date the game was released on. Doesn't matter which country it was released later, only the first date matters: I'm just reminding this, since I can see that someone is trying to change first dates into later (North American dates) in the DB, like NES where there is gaps of years in between in some cases. The release date rule is also mentioned in the first post of this thread and since there is no regional dates yet implemented you should only put the earliest date available: A game's release date must require at least a release year. If the game has documentation for the release day and month then please provide. Older games may not have accurate data on release dates. In case of no year, leave blank until that information can be found. The release date should be the first date the game was released on. Regional Date categories are going to be implemented, which will then require each game to have the proper date for the proper region.
  21. You're right about Australia. There's even local publishers/developers for the Amiga there, so no doubt there has been official releases there that are based on the European version and have been localized in some way or even local Australian-made games shipped to Europe. The only tricky thing is to know for sure if the shops were selling imported UK/European versions or versions that were intended for the Australian market - that would be the difference to make: to what market the game was intended to be sold in the first place. But back then, who knows for sure That's why I'd stick with the main information available on the front/back covers, disk labels and bar codes. Another good thing to look at, are advertisement flyers (from magazines), you've got currency and addresses there quite often as good hints. HOL and LemonAmiga are pretty good sources indeed . Yes, I agree that especially Cinemaware and Sierra covers are really basically the same everywhere with the US address included (unless a UK budget release), maybe the disc labels are the ones to spot in those. And thank you for bringing this up to the forum, there are too many back-and-forth going on in the database because mostly the only discussion there is been done in the moderator comment field and that doesn't cover all moderators and some contributors do not even moderate and see any of those comments.
  22. I don't know if this related, but I can see that someone is trying to "world-it" in the commodore Amiga section and making a few mistakes along the way. You can determine in most cases the region the game was released on based on the cover's indications/language - especially the publisher/address/bar codes etc. on the back cover. And if you want to double check your sources then go check out platform specific fan-pages for old computers. It is REALLY rare that a game cover would be a "World" cover when it comes to (vintage) home computers even if the artwork would look the same, like on the commodore 64 and commodore Amiga. There are also cases where a retailer had bought a PAL game batch from Europe and sells it in another country outside Europe, it doesn't mean it's a "world" game unless it has been officially published in that country. My recommendation is that if you are not 100% sure a cover could be classified as "World" - it's better to stick with the information that is already available on the database. That's what I would think anyway.
  23. A quick double check of the "Game type" "Unreleased" metadata field. It's quite clear it works for games that were officially cancelled etc. but is it for something else too? What about the many games on "pre-order" that we tend to see added in the database nowadays, games that are future releases. The "Unreleased" choice is most likely for games that were never released, it's not meant for "future" games that will be released, or is it? Could the developers please confirm this? If adding "Unreleased" to a game that hasn't been released yet, but has an official release date (in the future), wouldn't this happen: a) some of those entries will be forgotten to be updated after release day is past to "released" from "unreleased" b) Even if it will be updated from release day or a bit later, people using the default metadata update process will not get this updated since the datafield is already occupied and will not get overwritten (default metadata update only fills empty fields, not occupied ones) if they already have that game in their collection when it was still marked as "unreleased". Wouldn't it be better to leave this field empty if someone really wants to put a game that is going to be released, but hasn't yet. Any thoughts on this, is this field a multipurpose field when it comes to the "unreleased" type or?
  24. Thanks for you feedback! regarding that point, I have a good example concerning specifically 80's-90's box images: I'm about to replace my own previous scans with better scanned versions of some Amiga games like The Cycles for this database (the material is printed cardboard, no plastic case + paper sleeve in this one): I could remove the "Cool Sun Glasses" sticker, I could remove the Amiga sticker on the bottom. But those were original, authentic pieces of the physical box I had bought in the UK a long time ago. If you think of collectors, the value is always higher if everything is intact, manuals, promo stuff (sun glasses!) etc. But having said that I 100% agree with you that if someone has a better source in their collection (with less scratches for example) and does an even higher or equal quality scan, then there is no reason to not replace the lower quality one. And like I've said before, we are all individuals and have different tastes and it's objective how you look at things and what kind of images you prefer. Everyone has their different tastes. You can read again my first post on this regarding reconstructions and authentic/original images. Both can co-exist in this database and both are excellent alternative for Launchbox/BigBox users. But the issue here, in my case, wasn't a debate about original scans, but about the edits made to those scans (some quite significant changes) with an image editor that were being uploaded in a way that would have destroyed the original, authentic scans instead of simply uploading them as a new image with the Box - Front - Reconstructed tag. A behavior that was disrespectful, misleading (some of those edits actually weren't reconstructive) and breaking the rules of this database.
  25. Well, at least that person isn't replacing/destroying the authentic ones anymore then I hope ? But even then, there is a risk that the untouched and edited cover images might be seen as duplicates and we'd have some issues ahead if some moderators are unaware of what happened in the future and might delete one of them. Hidden agenda? I really hope not, because then it would be an egotistical thing to do. I want to believe that this is just a misunderstanding, because there is not really much to debate here, the rules are clear and there is room for both image types to co-exist with the correct image tag. It shouldn't be horrible to choose the right image type that isn't going to be the default image. The correct image type for reconstructions isn't anywhere hidden or at the bottom of the drop-down menu: Maybe @Jason Carr might be willing to check, when he has the time, if some time off from the database for that person would make him understand he is still breaking the rules + wasting moderation time. This would have been quickly over with appropriate contribution behavior. Sounds a bit like Jason from time to time has to take the role of a "school principal" - I think he'd prefer to have some other things to do to be honest ?. Let's see if there will be clarity before having to take that role again... I'll leave this to you guys, time to chill for the weekend (we've actually had some light snow in the morning, so real chilling might take place). Take care!
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