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Launch Emulator upon selecting gaming Console BigBox


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I have a setup that I am testing using DOS Box to launch the Redream emulator under Dreamcast. My intention is to use the GUI Redream has as its own platform theme to select games and emulate them rather then importing them in Launchbox. My question is I have everything set up where i select dreamcast console inside big box but then i have to select redream as a game to launch the emulator...is there any way to select Dreamcast to launch Redream emulator as one action rather than the two step process of select Dreamcast then Choose Redream as a game to then open the emulator?


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Tartar Sauce, I was hoping this was done using a command line or an option that I simply overlooked. This would be a useful option to have in the future that could be done with a choose random game to play option and select consoles with which to do this. Additionally, it would be useful for Launching any custom exe. application with one click. Also, if one wishes to quickly play a random game (such as for a massive arcade library) but does not wish to be burdened with having to scroll through the entire list every time, adding a quick play feature would accomplish a multitude of these issues. This would also be well integrated with Jukebox (ie; launch Jukebox via DOS exe.) with one click to launch playing a random song on shuffle while having the capabilities of launching game to prioritize music over the game. This provides the user the capability of overriding game audio in order to listen to their music library while playing. The solution can be to prioritize EXE over launchbox with a check mark box to audio overide applications would be a useful implementation.  This would also provide marketing opportunites for additional subscription packages (Launch box ultimate package) which allows users access to this seemless integration between the two, or for any exe. applications.

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