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Doubt about spinning disk effect in the latest version of retrostatic

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Ask about the new version of retrostatic.

I recently updated to the new version of retrostatic, which I loved as it has many more details and does not overload the interface with videos (previously my pc was overloaded).

Now with this version everything is better for me but I have some doubts about some new implemented details that I would like to add to my personal playlists.

Specifically, this detail is the operation of the disk and cartridge template that retrostatic has implemented in its theme.

I have seen that the version of dreamcast and psx shows the template of the disc and it descends to start spinning as if it were playing on the game console itself. I tried to do this effect in my music list but it only played the "cartridge effect" instead of spinning like the rest of the discs of the various consoles.

It must be said that the template image of the cd is in the "disc" section and I see that retrostatic Then I put an explanatory video to show what my question is


Is it possible to configure the effect of the Thrill kill disk in other sections that I create in launcbox?

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Hi @universeofgamer

I see what you mean here. There's a few different ways you can accomplish this. Let me first explain what the new version is doing:

  • It uses logic to determine the names of the platform, and then shows the image that is tied to the appropriate animation.

I did not anticipate all scenarios, like yours, with you having a music platform. I've added it and will be part of a future release.

For now, you can replace your WheelGamesView.xaml file with this one, by dropping it into the following folder:

  • LAUNCHBOX\Themes\Retrotastic\Views



Let me know if this works for you.

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Posted (edited)

Hi @faeran

It worked correctly. I noticed that you only have to duplicate a parameter line and indicate in that line the name of the section in which you want to apply that CD playback effect.

Thank you very much for giving me support 😍.

Edited by universeofgamer
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