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I looked at the fixes in the upcoming version of launchbox 11.13

I did not see the bug I experience listed there on my running 11.12 version.

Bug : On version 11.12, when I decide to download metadata and media and select the option 'YES, but do not replace any existing media'....it still replaces my existing media????

I discovered this because my theme does not like black colored clear logo's cause of my art background. So any clear logo's which already were linked in my games library, and which I changed to white (with photoshop)....did get changed to the original logo's which were downloaded through the download metadata.
Even though they were already filled in the metadata and thus linked.

Result...I had to change all my clear logo's one by one by deleting all clear logo's which I updated myself and which had been recently downloaded and updated even though I told it NOT to.
Luckily it hadn't deleted my already changed logo's cause I didnt check the checkmark 'remove the roughly matched images'

This issue can easily be reproduced by adding a game in launchbox with a logo which is downloaded by the metadata download.
Then changing that logo with a custom color.
Then running the metadata download option again, selecting everything, and choosing the option 'yes, but do not replace any existing media'.

You will notice it just downloads the logo anyway and makes it primary. Thereby disregarding the logo I wanted it to show.

Please fix cause I am now afraid to run the metadata download again to update my library.

Thank you!


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From what I'm reading your media wasn't replaced. We simply downloaded the media you didn't already have (as instructed). LaunchBox does NOT have a "primary" image, we pick any applicable images at random. Clear Logo's ARE cached though and so once one is picked if you don't clear the cache it will keep using the same one (which may be causing the confusion). This sounds like the intended functionality of the tool. It works this way so that people can easily grab media that was uploaded since the users last media scan without grabbing stuff they already have.

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Much thanks C-Beats, I appreciate you taking the time to answer and I understand what you're saying. Even that this is the intended functionality of the tool.

However, then either launchbox needs a fourth option in the download metadata and media wizard or it needs an option for selecting primary or fixed images. (preferably for the images that are mostly used in the frontend of bigbox / clear logo & front box,..)

I tested it through an through with only one game as example. (Dirt 4)

The Dirt 4-01.png is the one I want to see in launchbox AND bigbox. (Because the Dirt 4.png doesn't show clearly in the theme I'm using because it has a dark background)

So using the second option in the wizard, I always end up with launchbox downloading the black clear logo. It might be the case that in bigbox the old one from the cache is still being used. But after a refresh or when I decide to clear my cache I run the risk it mostly uses the wrong ones.

It is impossible for a user with a big library to keep track of all the logo's they either changed themselves or found others themselves.
For now, I have to manually check all duplicates and try and delete all black colored ones which were downloaded after doing a full download for my library.

It is however easy to just select the entire library once a month and running the 'download metadata and media wizard' to download all the missing media.

So, when someone already has made changes in the things they want to see in the frontend (bigbox), you cannot just run the 'download metadata and media wizard' for your entire collection cause all changes made in either which front box or which clear logo is being shown, risk the chance of all being changed again.

It is also impossible for a big library to go from platform to platform and check and uncheck the types of media it has to download. So that is also of no use.

I strive to have a full library for each platform with clear logo's and other type of media images I want to see in the games wheel or in the rest of big box.

So, I don't know about other users, but it would sure be nice to have the option of selecting a primary image which you can be sure will always be used in the front end.
Or even something simple in the code, like the image xxx-01 is always the primary. That way at least a user can make changes with knowing it will always be the primary image.

Then I think I better define this as a feature request.
Either way, it is a fantastic product and I get alot of information from browsing this forum and the download section.

DiRT 4-01.png

DiRT 4.png

Download Metadata and Media Wizard.PNG

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