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How do I install and have music playing for Launchbox and Big Box while in menu screens?


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Hey everyone, I'm sort of new to the Launch/Bigbox scene and am trying to learn the ropes. 

I was wondering if there was a way to integrate music (like the Wii menu music) into Launchbox and Big box and have it play in the background while I navigate through the menus to pick a game or while i am tinkering with settings.

I'm sure it's not that difficult and I am likely overthinking how to do it, but any help or advice given would be welcomed.

Thank you.


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Hi @M_Graham,

You can place background music files in:


You can also play platform specific music by placing music files in:

LAUNCHBOX\Music\Background\Platforms\[Platform Name]


Then just make sure you have the background music option enabled in Big Box, which can be found in:

Options > Sound > Enable Background Music


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